The limits of No Limit Creatives: A comparison vs Deer Designer

Deer Designer vs No Limit Creatives
Can a design service that claims to be the “next best thing since sliced bread” beat Deer Designer?

Have you ever heard of the cocktail party effect?

Imagine you’re at a party, listening to a friend spill the beans about a juicy rumour. Then you hear someone saying your name. It seems that a trio at the next table is talking about you.

Even if your friend gets closer and louder, you won’t understand them because you’re distracted by the other conversation.

This is known as the cocktail party effect. Even if you are presented with attractive options or information, you will focus logically on what you need. Offering the sun, moon, and stars to a client who only requires rain is pointless.

Most on-demand design services, such as No Limit Creatives or NLC, are unlikely to have heard of this psychological study because they are constantly trying to overwhelm their target market with offers, variations, and add-ons.

Deer Designer vs No Limit Creatives

No Limit Creatives is an on-demand design service that offers to take over your design department. They create designs and videos for companies.

More and more businesses are reducing costs by outsourcing design tasks. However, with so many on-demand services on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the differences between what No Limit Creatives can provide compared to Deer Designer.

NLC offers (too many) pricing schemes

Do you recall the last time you bought something and thought to yourself, “I wish I’d bought the cheaper option”? No, right?  Because that rarely happens. 

While providing your customers with multiple price options is a good business strategy, providing too many can be counter-productive.

You can request graphic and video designs as part of their $474 package, which according to them, is the best choice. 

However, they also have five lower-priced options that are appealing but may be a can of worms. These less expensive options will be too restrictive for most.

For example, they offer a per-design price deal, but most marketing professionals will agree that a single graphic design is not enough to build a sustainable advertising campaign.

They only provide six active requests per month for the start-up package. 

This will also not work for startups, as they will require even more designs to introduce their brand to the world via a multi-channel launch campaign. The client will end up spending more money.

We keep things simple at Deer Designer. In our pricing plan, you have only two options. 

In addition to what is included in the Essentials Plan, you can request web designs, logos, branding guides, and custom illustrations if you choose the Business Plan. It also has a quicker turnaround time.

Easy, right?

deer designer pricing

NLC only allows “2 Active Projects” per subscription

NLC will work on 2 projects at all times (max), per the number of subscriptions on your account with them. Don’t you find it unnatural?

To do this, they might be assigning your requests to whoever is available. Because you are not working with a specific designer, the quality might be inconsistent.

Yes, you can request that NLC change your designer if their style does not match yours, but this is usually too late. 

When you’re knee-deep in revisions, switching to a random designer who will have to start from scratch with your brand guidelines may not be a good idea.

Deer Designer is unique in that you have a dedicated designer for your brand. 

This way, the style and quality are consistent, and you won’t have to make the same edits over and over. Ticket by ticket, your design team learns more about your preferences.

Your Deer Designer also works on one ticket at a time, but they can always pause one if another with a higher priority arrives. 

We are flexible, just like if we were part of your own team. This is done to ensure quality while meeting deadlines with fewer revisions and less wasted time.

Additional video and copywriting services

Honestly, the “additional video and copywriting” offer grabbed my attention the most because the art of video production and copywriting are different from graphic design. 

Offering all three is quite challenging to balance. I know because I’ve seen through all three perspectives.

NLC has a copywriting and ad ideation service that is exclusive to customers with an active design subscription.

According to TopRankBlog, 64% of B2B marketers outsource copywriting. There is no shame in that. It’s always a good idea to hire for your weaknesses so you can spend time leading your company for growth.

However, like all outsourced services, a rigorous “trial and error” phase is required so they can provide the tonality and messaging that matches your brand. 

With this add-on service, there is a possibility that your design ticket will drag on longer since the disciplines are different.

monsters chasing a girl cartoon
Without a clear purpose, add-ons can backfire and hurt your brand

With regards to their video offering, upon checking the details on what’s included, I’m sad to say that it’s quite limiting. 

They can add some overlay, lower thirds, bits, and bobs but the video production itself, voiceovers, and the storyboarding are not included.

The video option is only useful for social media posts but not for long-form content – which is critical for brand building. It can be a waste if you still have to pay for another service for video production and video editing.

Oh, and don’t get me started on editing. I’ve produced a lot of TV shows and for them to come out as planned, the concept creator has to sit through the whole editing process. With a remote setup like NLC’s, this is very challenging.

To bridge the gap, you must be excellent at scripting, filtering, and time-stamping your videos for the finished product. You even have to choose the right music.

If you want a video that truly talks to your target audience, NLC’s video option might not be for you. Otherwise, you have to be satisfied with flying texts, simple animations, and tons of revisions.

At Deer Designer, instead of trying a bit of everything, we focus on what we do best: design. And there’s no on-demand design service out there better than us at that. Don’t believe it? Here’s proof from people that tried them all.

No web design and quality analyst

No Limit Creatives does not provide website design, which is unfortunate because businesses, particularly startups, need an online presence. Aside from that, there is no quality control for the designs before you receive them (at least not advertised).

Deer Designer has Quality Analysts who act as a “safety net” (or an extra set of eyes) to ensure that you always get premium designs.

 They are professional human designers, not artificial intelligence. They’re always working with your feedback to deliver better results.

Deer Designer can create quality designs that are true to your brand

No Limit Creatives Deer Designer
Web design
Video design and Copywriting
Free stock photos
Unlimited revisions
Simple pricing
Quality analyst

We focus on what’s important

Deer Designer wants to make you and your brand look BIG through design. We make sure that the designs we create are not only true to your brand but also well-designed and worthy of your praise.

We start with you, our client, to fully understand your needs and vision, which allows us to create the right design for you. We also work as a team to make sure that your designs are of the highest quality.

Deer Designer believes that a design is only as good as the product it promotes.

If you are looking for a professional design partner who can not only create the designs you need but also help develop your brand, then you oughta give Deer Designer a try.

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