5 steps to make a successful lead magnet design and campaign

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An effective lead magnet captures the right target market.

I used to have a collection of lead magnets. I appreciated how valuable the contents were and how smart I felt after finishing one. What I loved the most about them is that they are completely free!

I get to pick the brains of smarter, more experienced business owners and founders with the content. Free insights, free knowledge. What’s not to love about it?

But I stopped downloading one day because one particular lead magnet spoiled the experience. I received a 5-page PDF file with one question on each page and plenty of space to write after entering my email address.

The document stated at the end that I needed to attend a paid workshop to “fully appreciate” the lead magnet.

I felt terrible and humiliated. The brand made me feel like a freeloader. Perhaps I was (?) but it rubbed me the wrong way. So I immediately unsubscribed from their mailing list.

A lead magnet is similar to a “free sample” of a new juice flavour. In a grocery store, a brand representative hands out samples, and you take a sip before deciding whether you want to buy more.

Imagine sipping from an empty cup and the salesperson insisting on buying a pack of powdered juice before you can sample it. Isn’t it a letdown? I hope none of your potential clients feel the same way.

What’s the purpose of your lead magnet?

Lead magnets can be free ebooks, audio or video recordings, checklists, PDF reports, and so on. This article will focus on ebooks or PDFs.

The majority of lead magnets are designed to answer your audience’s questions and assist them in solving their problems.

You don’t want to bombard your audience with marketing messages, but you can try to provide them with relevant content.

For example, if you’re offering a free online course, you probably won’t use a report as a lead magnet, but rather a checklist.

This creates a lead magnet that is directly related to your course and that people will appreciate receiving.

Get started with a lead magnet design

Creating a lead magnet, like writing a book, can be daunting, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Here are some steps you can take to make the process go more smoothly.

Step # 1 Prepare your content

Start by reviewing what you have already published. It could be old blog posts, workshops you’ve led, or podcast appearances. Sort them according to topics, then decide which one has the most content.

Restructure and rewrite your content so that it is more up-to-date. You can publish new research in the niche. Fresh content will attract more downloads, particularly from those who are bingeing on similar topics.

Step # 2 Send your branding guide

You want lead magnet subscribers to connect the document to your brand or company. To ensure that the design is consistent, you need a branding guide for your designer to follow.

If you don’t already have one, you can ask for one from your Deer Designer. Being on brand is critical because this document will be shared frequently with a network of like-minded individuals, all of whom could be potential clients.

Step # 3 Search for a design inspiration

People judge an e-book by its e-cover. Ebook or PDF design is really important if you want your lead magnet to be taken seriously. You have to make it look good, or else people won’t download it.

There are plenty of places where you can look for inspiration. For example, you can search for “eBook design” on Pinterest, where you will find a ton of inspiration.

You can also check out what other companies are doing with their lead magnets and try to find something similar but better. You can also see examples of e-books in other industries, such as blogs and magazines.

People judge an e-book based on its cover. If you want your lead magnet to be taken seriously, you must create an ebook or PDF. You must make it visually appealing or people will not download it.

There are numerous places to look for inspiration. For example, on Pinterest, you can search for “eBook design” and get heaps of ideas.

You can also look at what other companies are doing with lead magnets to see if you can find something similar but better. E-books can also be found in other industries, such as in blogs and magazines.

If you are short on time, you can request that your design team create as many lead magnet layouts as you require. It is beneficial for this project to use an on-demand design service that provides unlimited revisions and design options.

Step # 4 Think about its promotion

You’re done with the lead magnet! Don’t leave it on your website for days without telling anyone. Create a landing page where people can leave their details.

Schedule social media posts that share nuggets of wisdom from the lead magnet in order to entice people to download the full document.

It deserves to be the centrepiece of a Google or Facebook ad for brand awareness because it is also pillar content. The more time, effort, and money you invest in a lead magnet, the more people must see it.

Step # 5 Plan for subsequent content

Your subscription list now has many new emails. Many business owners believe that downloading the lead magnet is the final step, but it’s only the beginning.

You must keep your subscribers interested until they are ready to buy. You can achieve this by consistently providing valuable content rather than filling their inboxes with spam and sales-y messages.

Sample lead magnet designs by Deer Designer

Create a lead magnet that is worth the time of your clients

Lead magnets are an outstanding way to acquire fresh clients. They are given away for free in exchange for an email address. This means that any downloadable you create will contribute to the growth of your email list.

A lead magnet, on the other hand, is more than just a gift for your new customers. It’s an opportunity to show your customers your company, and at the same time, call them into action.

One of the many factors that can make or break the success of your campaign is the design of your lead magnet. 

A valuable, well-designed ebook or PDF is shared and fully engages the client who is genuinely interested in the insights of your brand.

It’s a big privilege to be allowed into a personal or business inbox, so make every email worth it for your clients. Get a professional designer to help you create a lead magnet your clients deserve.

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