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13 Reasons why Deer Designers love Figma

Designer opening a box of creativity and design icons
Deer Designers love Figma for so many reasons!

When Thiago (Deer Designer’s founder and CEO), first announced in a company meeting that he was looking into adding Figma as a tool to deliver designs, the virtual room fell silent.

Most of the people with the video on sat back with narrowed eyes.

My eyes were glued to the chatbox.

“That’s great!”


“The clients will love the collaboration feature.”

“Figma’s very easy to use!”

The messages poured in. Everyone was really happy with that decision.

If you haven’t come across it before, Figma (recently acquired by Adobe) is an all-in-one graphics design tool that can be used to create prototypes, UI for mobile applications, edit web designs, and more.

Figma features real-time collaboration while emphasizing an intuitive design for a seamless user experience.

Let me tell you why our Deer Designers love Figma.

Reasons why designers love Figma

  1. Figma is web-based. You can open and use it on any browser. Your design team can work together on the task at hand even when on the go. All you need is a shareable link that you can send to them to have access to the file.
  2. There’s real-time collaboration. Figma’s collaborative components make communicating with both your team and clients simpler and streamlined.Everyone involved in the process can take a look at the project and discuss it without having to share a screen, hop in a virtual meeting, or take part in a long email thread.
  3. There are easy-to-access plugins. Availability of easy-to-access plugins such as flow diagrams, charts, icons, stock photos, and more. You can also create your own plugin based on what your project requires.
  4. Figma makes the creation of prototypes seem effortless. This feature allows you to toy around with new concepts and ideas in the early stages of the design process and test them.
  5. Figma has two free versions.

    Starter plan. This plan is intended for starters and small design teams. This version allows up to three projects only, with one or two designers/editors working on each.Education plan. This one is perfect for students or educators and is valid for 2 years. However, there’s a set of criteria one must meet to qualify for this plan.
    It allows free access to Figma’s professional resources, and groups.

    Note: Subscription to a paid (premium) plan, however, gives you unlimited access to all of the tool’s various functionalities. Such as audio recordings, sharing permissions, editing and backup files, etc.

  6. Free online tutorials are available. Of course, you don’t have time to watch tutorials and you have your reliable Deer Designer anyway. But there is comfort knowing that Figma’s blogs and guides are a great source of info.
  7. Figma supports audio recording, live commenting, and feedback. You and your design team can comment and share insights on the task at hand. You can control who gets to comment, revise, and view the work.
  8. Built-in backup and auto-save feature are helpful. Your projects and recent edits are being auto-saved as long as it’s connected to the internet. In the event of a tool crash, you’ll get to pick up where you left off.
  9. There’s a supportive community. You may now post live design files in the Figma Community, which is currently in beta – for anyone to learn from, view, and collaborate with.
  10. Figma constantly updates and adds new features. Just last September 2022, it released several updates to further improve its efficacy. Figma can now be integrated with Google calendar for project management.

There’s more!

  1. Light file sizes
    Figma enables you to save your work into a light file. This is practical, especially for complex design work that takes too long to load.
  2. Easy to export assets
    Once a design is done, it’s easy to export the assets into the file type the client needs. This way, each design can be easily applied to the web design.
  3. Low bandwidth required
    For such a powerful tool, it’s surprising that Figma doesn’t eat up a lot of memory or processing power. This is an advantage especially when designers have to work on multiple projects at a time.

Join the club!

Design software can save you time and help you improve productivity. Figma is easy to use and is available to use on any device. It also allows you to work with others and is available for free.

If you have any further questions about how you can use Figma to elevate your designs and improve your design team’s turnaround time, book a call with us and we’d be more than happy to discuss our Figma process.