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Overcoming Outsophobia: Finding and keeping culture-fit talent

Designers holding puzzle pieces
The right people will fit in your company like puzzle pieces.

Article Series💡
Inspired by a post from the on the Facebook Group “The Admin Bar Community”

Hey, guess what? This is the last piece in our series about crushing your fear of delegating and outsourcing! We’re super excited you’ve made it this far!

And if you missed the earlier articles, no sweat! Here are the links so you can easily catch up:

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They’re super quick reads. Each one’s like 3-5 minutes, perfect for a binge session before diving into this final chapter.

So, in this last article, let’s tackle that fear of outsourcing and find the right talent to keep your stress levels in check. Let’s dive in!

When I was a kid, my mom had this nanny for my siblings and me when she was at work. Things were great until one day mom found us locked in the house without the nanny. She had bailed to hang out with her boyfriend, leaving us alone.

Mom was livid and fired her then and there. After that, she was super cautious about hiring help again. She’d tell me this story all the time when I had my own kids, which made me pretty nervous about hiring help too.

But there came a time when I really needed some extra hands. I took my time, carefully screened candidates, and found the right fit for us. Three years down the line, we’ve had zero issues with our help. No incidents, no getting locked in, nada.

Design team welcoming new designer employee - ver 2
Welcoming a new hire is just the beginning.

The mistake most hiring managers make

I came across some solid advice on the TAB group about outsourcing. This guy nailed it with some practical tips. Here’s the lowdown:

“People often look for a jack-of-all-trades when they start outsourcing, someone who can do it all. But this doesn’t usually work out, especially with outsourcing.

A better plan? Find different people for the different tasks you want to delegate. You can still be a jack of all trades, but find more Jacks or Jills to tick off your to-do list.

Pro tip: Hire two people for a project instead of one.

Here’s how it works: When you post a job on Upwork, you get about 50 to 75 applicants. You filter out around 90% of those who aren’t a fit, leaving you with the top contenders. 

Pick two or three favourites. Pay all of them to work on the same problem.

Let’s say you’re paying $20 to $100 an hour. A simple project might cost you $40 to $60. A complex project? Around $1000 to $1500.

Here are the possible outcomes:

  1. Worst case: all hires suck. But honestly, this rarely happens.
  2. More likely: one hire is great, the others aren’t. You still get your project done.
  3. Less likely but possible: two hires are great. Now you have options.
  4. Best case: all hires rock. This is rare, but when it happens, it’s a big win.

Rinse and repeat for all tasks in your business. It might take a bit longer at first, but in the long run, you free yourself to tackle more complex or fun tasks.”

Finding your perfect applicants

Hiring isn’t just about skills and experience. You gotta check if they’re a good fit for our company culture.

You want team members who have not just the right skills, but also the emotional intelligence (EQ) to ride out any storms that pop up. It’s like finding those perfect jeans that hug you just right.

When the team meshes well with the culture, everything just works better. Morale is up, work is fun, and performance shoots up. It’s a total win-win!

Designer fitting a pair of jeans
Find a candidate who fits in your company culture like a pair of jeans.

During interviews, go beyond the regular skill-based questions. Dig deep into their values, how they work, and how they’ll fit with the rest of the gang. It’s like finding a BFF: someone dependable and fun to be around.

Don’t just rely on interviews though. Use personality tests and culture assessments to get a better sense of their fit. Involve your current team in the process as they have a good read on the culture and their input is super valuable.

Training and onboarding

Once you’ve snagged these culture-fit superstars, it’s time to welcome them aboard and help them feel right at home. A cool onboarding program can introduce them to your company’s culture and values.

Designer improving oneself growing in skill
Find someone who is eager and quick to learn and improve.

Think of it like giving them VIP access to all the company’s inside jokes and customs. Pairing them with a mentor or buddy can also help them get comfortable and get into the swing of things faster.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. We’ve got to keep our culture-fit talent happy and engaged. Create an environment that’s positive and inclusive, where they feel valued and recognized for their awesome work.

Don’t forget to offer growth and development opportunities. Help them level up their skills and align their personal goals with the company’s values.

Feedback and communication

Communication is super key. We need to open up channels for feedback and suggestions so everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns.

If there’s a culture mismatch or any issue, let’s tackle it head-on and find solutions.

Finding and keeping culture-fit talent is like finding your squad, your tribe, your people. It’s all about creating a work environment where everyone can thrive and bring their unique magic to the table.

When the culture and talent click, amazing things happen and the fear of outsourcing is kicked to the curb!

And that’s a wrap! I really hope these four articles give you the confidence to start passing on some tasks. That way, you can use your time to focus on the big stuff that your business really needs you for.