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3 Quick tips on how to add life to your branding

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One day back in high school, my classmate showed off her new perfume. I told her I didn’t like it because it smelled like my grandpa’s pomade.

Her crush walked by, sniffed the air and said to my friend, “Is that perfume yours? You smell so good!” She then silently squealed as he walked away.

To my distress, my friend wore that perfume excessively. I had to hold my breath every time I got too close to her. Like a flower to a bee, she attracted boys with the scent but repelled me in effect.

When she noticed I wasn’t having lunch with her for a few days, she asked me if she did something wrong. I told her about her perfume and she stopped wearing it the day after. Our friendship got stronger than ever.

Is your branding attracting the right bee?

When you started your company, you chose the logo and colour based on your personal preference. That’s okay, but remember that your brand is not to make you happy, but to attract clients.

For example, if your brand’s ideal client is a single 20-something male bodybuilder, making your logo or website dainty and pink won’t attract them.

Like my friend in my story, if you observe that you are repelling our ideal client, then it’s time to tweak your branding.

On the other end of the marketing spectrum, many think that to stand out, one’s branding must be loud and viral. It may be famous for a time, yes, but a wide reach doesn’t convert 100% if your targeting is wrong.

Obsess over your target audience

Determining your target audience doesn’t end with choosing an age range, location, annual income, and gender. You’ve got to know where and how they spend their time, their wants and needs, and how to connect to them emotionally.

Once you have composed a single holistic image of your target audience, this can be your ideal client or target persona. Afterwards, you can implement better branding with these three quick simple steps:

3 Tips to add life to your branding

Maintain an active social media page

People worldwide on average spend 2 1/2 hours of their day on social media. This is why businesses are prioritizing online marketing.

However, a common mistake made by companies is simply creating an account but not updating it. If you abandon social media, there is a connotation that your company is not doing well or you are not prioritizing customer engagement.

People bury those who stay still too long.

Create an account in a channel you can update daily. It can be hard to choose but I wrote an article to help you focus on one or two channels.

Always update the information and draw netizens to your page by creating interesting page advertisements.

Highlight your business’ name

In radio advertisements, it’s a cardinal rule to mention the brand name more than 3 times. This is to etch the name into the listener’s memory.

To remember the name of a new acquaintance, there’s a tip that you should keep repeating their name as you talk to them.

Repetition is key to brand recognition.

A company’s brand is similar to a person’s name. You want people to repeat and recommend your brand name within and outside their circle of influence. You’re ahead of the race if your company has a catchy name.

If your company name is not too sticky, you can repeat and reinforce your logo and brand colours. Use it on touchpoints your ideal target market will encounter: on merch, as vehicle decals, in all your social media posts, and many more.

If you know your target audience well, every encounter will be a valuable impression.

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Design your brand well

A growing brand needs a manager – someone professional who knows the brand like the back of their hands. This person knows every change in the branding guide, all the brand assets, and how they are applied in the right places.

If you’re too busy to do it as a full-time entrepreneur, you have to find someone who will champion your brand. Better yet, hire a team that will look over your brand as it grows.

With Deer Designer, you can have your own design team. You get a dedicated designer, an account manager, and a quality analyst that will make sure that your request turns out exactly how you like it to be.

Since they are the experts, they will also recommend improvements to your designs from time to time.

Connect to your clients with great visuals

Good branding is about making a connection with people. When your potential customers can connect with your business and its brand, they’ll be more likely to keep coming back.

If you need help finding a good branding strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to book a client fit call. We’re always happy to help you make your business more successful.