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58 Reasons why our clients love us (in their own words)

Clients hugging loving Deer Designer mascot

Before you roll your eyes over this seemingly endless “unbelievable” list, I’d like to point out that we simply repurposed the information from our testimonials page.

Our clients wrote their own feedback and we just posted it directly on this page. No editing, I promise!

Our clients say that:

  1. Our work is amazing.
  2. Their clients are obsessed with our designs.
  3. We are like a design wishing tree.
  4. We freed up their time.
  5. We provide the quickest turnaround ever.
  6. We design exactly what they need.
  7. They love our structured process.
  8. We are better than F***y because their designs are amateur.
  9. Our designs are way better than when they try to do it themselves (DIY).
  10. We are streamlined.
  11. We are efficient.
  12. We provide amazing customer service.
  13. We are incredible.
  14. Our professionalism is exceptional.
  15. We go above and beyond by providing alternate versions.
  16. We are better than any designer they have worked with.
  17. We provide awesome designs, quick results, and easy delivery.
  18. We blow them away with incredible designs done overnight – at a calibre unmatched in the market.
  19. We provide excellent results.
  20. We are open to changes.
  21. We are worth the investment.
  22. We provide the best design quality and turnaround time of any of the competitors.
  23. We can deliver a killer website homepage design in 24 hours or less (it took the other services at least 2 days).
  24. The list of design tasks we provide is practically endless.
  25. We allow small studios to meet the demands of so many different startups.
  26. We are communicative.
  27. We provide high-quality designs.
  28. We create graphics that set our clients apart from their competitors.
  29. We care about our clients and they feel that we are part of their team.
  30. We are miracle designers.
  31. We revolutionalised how our clients provide design support to their clients.
  32. We are a life-saving resource at a very stressful time.
  33. We changed our clients’ business for the better.
  34. We are great at understanding requirements and delivering fantastic designs.
  35. Our revisions are fast and easy.
  36. We save our clients tonnes of time so they can focus their businesses.
  37. We are genuine people.
  38. We are a pleasure to work with.
  39. We pay close attention to detail.
  40. We provide 100% value for money.
  41. We make our clients happy.
  42. Our clients get more out of us in their first week compared to the other two competitors they tried in an entire month.
  43. We have the best designer-to-client ratio.
  44. The quality of our designs is a big step over our competitors (Dgn Pie included)
  45. The work we do for our clients is insane!
  46. We are hard-working.
  47. We offer value and quality.
  48. We exceed our clients’ expectations.
  49. We are highly recommended.
  50. We are responsive.
  51. We make our clients’ lives easier.
  52. Our clients appreciate us.
  53. We make our clients’ ideas come to life
  54. We make the clients’ experience personalised.
  55. Communication feels natural between us and our clients.
  56. Thiago (the founder) is a legend.
  57. We are extremely talented.
  58. We actually listen to our clients and get things done right in one go. No bull, no nothing.

Oh, you’re still here!

You secretly love us too, don’t you?

If you are an active client and want to share your feedback, you can do so easily via the Dashboard on your account.

If you’re not yet part of the Deer Designer family, just try our service. It’s backed by our 14-day satisfaction guarantee. I’m reserving the #59 slot here for your loveable feedback 😍