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Why we don’t charge per design

design buffet cartoon

Do you know what I love most about buffet restaurants?

It’s the food variety, no doubt.

My brother loves to eat in buffets because he has a system in place to make sure that he tries every dish, dessert, and drink available. Needless to say, in our family, he’s the only one that can give justice to a 40USD bill per person for a dinner buffet.

He justifies it so well that even if my whole family tags along even though we don’t eat much. The rest of us are there just to enjoy the variety. We spend, guilt-free because we have a “buffet pro” with us.

For those of us who do not have the stomach, nor the hack for optimizing buffets, we enjoy these kinds of restaurants because we can nibble at any dish until we find the one we want to eat more of (in my case it’s always the tempura 🍤😋)

Okay, now I’m hungry.

love tempura cartoon

All-you-can-eat designs

Ok, so my point is:

As an on-demand design service, Deer Designer creates design requests and revises them as much as you need. Like in a buffet, you can get as much tempura, steak, and beer as you want.

Many of our clients are like my buffet-pro brother, they maximize our service by requesting various designs regularly – a little pizza here, a little noodle soup there.

Some of our clients are like me, who’s just there for the tempura, but returns to the buffet line 5 times. Take web agencies, for instance: most of their requests are web designs and the quantity varies depending on the number of their clients.

Our clients know what they want, and through our extensive design offerings, they can increase or decrease their design requests depending on their business’s needs.

A price-per-design model is not worth it

With this analogy in mind, you can now tell why we do not charge per individual design. If we were to charge a fee per project, you’d be tempted to get all the variety we have to offer while being stuck with just one dish.

sad buffet customer cartoon

We don’t offer a price-per-design because:

  • A company’s design needs are ongoing and evolving
  • You want to emulate the big players, and they think big. Big brands use design for brochures, flyers, social media posts, billboards and more – not just a logo
  • In terms of design work, a buffet is better than a one-course meal

Who’s not happy with a flat fee?

Remember how our whole family happily pays for a buffet even though only my brother eats a lot? Deer Designer gives you that same satisfaction. Your clients will find this advantage highly valuable when they are under your wings.

You can get as many designs created for you as you need – and not just for yourself, but also for your clients. All of that for a low monthly rate.

And what do you get?

  1. Simplicity – No room for confusion. Pay what you subscribed for. That’s it.
  2. Your own design team – With a dedicated team, there is no need to repeat your brand preferences again and again to different people.
  3. Business consistency – Since there is a dedicated team and a consistent designer in charge of your brand, you are assured of coherent design quality.
  4. Better cash flow management – No matter how much you request, you will never worry about hidden fees. If you do need to get more designs done faster, you can easily upgrade your plan or downgrade during lean seasons. At the end of the day, the choice is always yours.
  5. Custom solutions – Every design is different because clients, target market, and messaging differ. Your design team will learn about your design preferences and create custom solutions for your design needs.
  6. Reliability – Our turnaround time and processes are foolproof and straightforward – that’s why clients rave about our reliability and our excellent designs.
  7. Value for money – You can request 10 designs, or a highly complicated layout, ask 10 times for revisions, and you’re still paying the same monthly flat fee. It doesn’t get any better than that.

happy and full cartoon

The ultimate buffet hack

So I asked my brother, what is his secret to making room for all of the dishes available in a buffet?

“Go in hungry”, he said simply.

You have a design need and Deer Designer can deliver. With our broad scope of work, you can take a nibble at everything until you find what you’re looking for. Or you can go in hungry, zero in on what you want and we will do our design magic.

We are confident you will like one (if not all) of our designs, and if you do, we are ready for your second, third, 100th request and revision until you are 100% happy.