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11 Web design tweaks that help boost sales

painting web design cartoon

I love business meetings. When I get invited to even just take notes, I get to eat some delicious free food, plus I also learn valuable business tips from the experts. It’s like hitting the jackpot!

The other day, my former boss invited me to a meeting, and I happily agreed. He wanted to open a café for the first time, so he met up with a friend who owns restaurants. They discussed costs like food, rent, and salaries. 

The funny thing is, my boss initially wanted to spend as little as possible, but his friend had a different view. It was like a game between them.

My boss said, “All I need is for my cat to catch a mouse.” He meant that changing the cat’s collar or fur color won’t make it a better mouse catcher.

But guess what? The restaurant owner said, “How about buying this cat’s superfood to help it run faster? Or sharpening its claws to catch more mice?” Haha! They had some interesting ideas.

You can make upgrades to your business or website to improve its effectiveness. It doesn’t have to be an expensive cat, just a cat with the right tools.

Make a digital ripple effect

You don’t have to completely revamp your website. Sometimes, making small but purposeful changes can do wonders. They can help increase your website traffic, which will ultimately boost your marketing and sales. How cool is that?

Tweak #1 Fix your navigation

I know it sounds simple, but a lot of people underestimate the power of a good navigation menu. It’s like the GPS of your website. Make it clear, concise, and easy to use. 

And hey, highlight the page tab so visitors don’t get lost in your awesome site!

girl cartoon pointing at website navigation
Highlight the choices in the menu to aid in navigation

Tweak #2: Make it mobile-friendly

Everyone’s on the move these days, right? So, make sure your website is accessible from any device. People should be able to access it easily while they’re on the go. Mobile-friendly websites are the way to go!

Tweak #3: Use your homepage to celebrate holidays

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s all about spreading joy! Just like you decorate your home or office, why not spruce up your website too? It creates a positive vibe and makes your visitors happier. Happy visitors remember your brand!

Tweak #4: Make it accessible

Let’s make your website inclusive for everyone. That means considering the elderly and differently-abled individuals who use screen readers. A user-friendly design that doesn’t compromise functionality is key. Let’s make accessibility a priority!

website accessibility icons
Make website accessibility a priority

Tweak #5: Keep the content fresh

Regular posting is the way to go. It keeps your audience engaged, boosts brand recognition, and increases your online visibility. Aim to post at least a couple of times per week. Be the go-to source of information for your users!

Tweak #6: Highlight the Call-to-Action button

Your website’s call-to-action (CTA) button is super important. It needs to be clear, honest, and straightforward. It guides users through the buying journey. 

Once they’re ready to take action, make sure your CTA tells them exactly where to go and what to do.

Tweak #7: Make buying easy

Let’s streamline the checkout process. Less friction, more conversions! Remove unnecessary steps, keep the form fields minimal, and offer guest checkout options.

Show users their progress during checkout and provide multiple payment options. Easy peasy!

Tweak #8: Use high-quality images

A picture is worth a thousand words, my friend. Use high-resolution, eye-catching product images. Let users zoom in and see those details. 

Trust me, high-quality images leave a lasting impression, build trust, and help customers make informed purchase decisions.

Web agency owner business quality check website
Only high quality images must be part of your website.

Tweak #9: Display social proof

Let’s build trust and credibility. Incorporate social proof elements like customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings. They have a huge impact on potential customers and can boost your sales. Good vibes all around!

Tweak #10: Add badges of authority

Security and trust go hand in hand. Show off trust symbols, security badges, and payment logos on your website. It reassures customers that their personal information is safe and encourages them to complete their purchases. Safety first!

#349 - web design success hand holding trophy
Be proud of your awards and achievements, display them in your website.

Tweak #11: Continuously test

Never stop experimenting! A/B testing is your secret weapon. Try out different design elements, layouts, and content variations.

It helps you figure out what works best for your audience and makes data-driven decisions. Let’s optimize your website for maximum conversions!

Change the plan, not the goal

To succeed, you need a website that grabs your target audience’s attention. That’s why companies are turning to on-demand design service like Deer Designer

They can help create designs for these tweaks and test them out. Find what works and build on it.

Improving your website’s design is the most efficient way to attract more visitors, expand your client base, and boost sales. 

In today’s digital world, standing out from the competition is crucial. So, let’s make your website shine brighter than ever before!