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Visual content is very powerful. Here’s why:

man trying to remember cartoon

Have you noticed that when you close your eyes, it helps you remember?

Whenever you are running late and can’t find your keys, you catch yourself literally “squeezing” the memory out of your brain by shutting your eyes and trying to remember it visually.

This is because the part of the brain that is in charge of the memory is also in charge of vision. In order to ignite the memory, a person must see a compelling, memorable visual aid.

In fact, eyewitnesses to crimes remember more accurate details when they close their eyes.

Our visual memory, according to studies, is relied upon for information storage and as a stimulus for emotions.

Remember this when trying to present your product or service to a potential customer, since memory and emotional connections are key to building your brand and engaging with audiences more quickly.

We use our peepers to make sense of the world but for marketers, advertisers, and graphic designers, seeing is not just believing, “seeing is remembering”.

Seeing is remembering

Brand recall and recognition can pave the way to the most valuable business metric: loyalty.

Given the fierce competition and clutter in nearly every industry, particularly on the internet, establishing brand loyalty has become more than a simple task.

Being at the top of the customer’s mind anytime they consider a service or a product is the goal of every brand, as it not only increases sales but also enhances brand awareness through word of mouth or referral marketing.

Visual tools businesses can use

The usage of visual tools can benefit your brand and is supported by rigorous science.

Here are some ideas where and how you can use a visual aid to tell your brand story:

Branding Guide

Your brand must be consistent in telling its story visually, and this visual consistency can only be achieved with a brand guide.

This guide serves as a reference for everyone in your company for the colours to be used, how the logo should be placed, and the typography to be utilised.

Although your customers will see the end result of your brand guide and not the guide itself, having a fixed guide will make creating the rest of your graphic designs, product packaging and advertisements easier.

Brand consistency ensures that your brand’s tone and personality remain consistent across all media channels. This results in a more unified experience for both existing and potential consumers.

If you do not know how to make one or how to start, Deer Designer can help.

Sample Branding Guide

Deer Designer Brand Guide Sample
Deer Designer Brand Guide Sample
Deer Designer Brand Guide Sample


Easily read, understood, and remembered, infographics help generate more leads and grab more attention. It gives your audience added value and awareness that builds trust with your brand.

In one comprehensive image, you can convey all the nuggets of wisdom, packed into an eye-catching visual summary.

They are also easy to share too, which is gold if you want to increase social media engagement.

company presentation cartoon


Presentations close deals and propel a company’s growth.

Do you remember the best presentation you’ve ever seen? I bet it had graphics on it, right? When you need to make your audience to pay attention to you, maximize the opportunity by creating a well-researched, attractive, and on-brand deck.

Surprisingly, presentations can now be used outside of the boardroom.

One of the best ways to capture your target audience’s attention and engage them is through presentations, packed with compelling images that tell the story behind data.

Embed slideshows on your website or on social media and watch them bring you thousands of unique visitors a month. This works very well for highly technical industries looking to build authority in their respective fields.

Seeing eye to eye

There is an undeniable impact of visuals on humans.

Through “showing” customers or target audiences exactly what you want to say, they make connections on their own. Maximizing this opportunity through effective graphic designs with the help of Deer Designer can drive better business results.

Customers and target audiences form their own connections when you “show” them exactly what you want to communicate.

Taking advantage of this opportunity by creating effective graphic designs with the help of Deer Designer can drive better business results.

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