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7 Reasons why you need email marketing for your company

customers love email marketing

This quarter, I’ve enrolled in three online workshops solely through email. I subscribed to their e-newsletters years ago, but I am now a loyal reader and repeat purchaser.

It’s easy to notice that even if I’ve previously connected with the company, their content is still visible in my inbox, as opposed to when I follow them on their social media accounts. 

When I forget about them, I can simply search my inbox for the email I’m looking for using keywords.

The return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is [$36].

For every dollar spent, Email marketing has a $36 return of investment (ROI). That’s a better ROI than any other type of marketing, digital or otherwise. Email marketing generates revenue, without a doubt.

Permission marketing is the secret sauce behind email’s high ROI. A brand must have permission to access someone’s email in order for them to do so. They already like the brand enough to let you into their inboxes.

Businesses, big and small, must take this chance to market to people who are already interested in the brand. That gives you a foot in the door and a higher conversion rate.

The following are some of the reasons why you should use email marketing.

Emails foster relationships and gain trust

The first thing to remember is that email marketing can help you bond with your clients and win their trust. Emails will boost your credibility because they allow you to communicate with your clients effectively.

Emails are everywhere

Email apps exist on our smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Users can see what you sent them right away.

The email inbox is the traditional information source. Emails, which were originally intended to be used in a corporate work setting, dictate what is important. We still do it unconsciously.

B2B clients check their emails more frequently than they check their social media accounts. It is a true honour to have your message delivered to the inbox of your target audience.

Emails reach an engaged audience

A person has 2 email addresses on average. One may be a personal account, while the other may be a corporate account.

This means that as a brand, you have two ways to reach a client. I honestly remember having more than two because my emails change when I change jobs and I have another email for my married name.

Furthermore, in order to open any social media account, a person must have an active email address. It is uncommon to come across someone who does not have an email address.

Emails are more professional

The process of B2B email marketing differs from that of B2C marketing.

In B2C email marketing, you try to emotionally connect with your customers. Your primary goal should be to sell the benefits that your customers will receive if they buy your product. In contrast, B2B email marketing is based on logic and reasoning.

I’d like to believe that properly written emails can attract the right target market. It makes no difference whether the transaction is B2C or B2B. Keep in mind that you are attempting to connect with a human.

Email marketing doesn’t cost much

Unlike letters, which were once expensive to send, emails are free. Typically, the only cost is a subscription to an email platform.

You surely must want your email to stand out, so a professional template as part of your branding is required. For this simple task, you can use Deer Designer. You can request variations for an email header or even the signature from your design team.

You can share your email platform with your team, and they can create a template for you to use.

In email marketing, you own the data

When you use an email for marketing, it is bespoke and you have access to your data. You and your content team can tweak the look and feel of your email that your customers want to read with testing and access to analytics.

You do not need to be worried about any algorithms. You can focus on the content and the email usage of your target market. You’ll be noticed once you’ve determined the best times to send the hyper-targeted content.

hand receiving more revenue through email

Emails with visual content shine

When writing a business email, incorporating visual content is indispensable. An image or two will boost engagement and call-to-actions.

There is currently a trend in email marketing where only text is sent. 

However, in my humble opinion, the look of the email should still be determined by the brand. It’s unreasonable for a shoe company, for example, to send a “text-only” email just because of a trend.

As a result, if your service is visual – such as marketing companies or web design agencies – continue to use relevant images. You can ask your Deer Designer what kind of image would be appropriate for your brand’s email marketing.

Make email work for you

An email marketing strategy is more than just sending emails to leads; it is about developing a relationship with your audience and generating trust for your business through email.

If done correctly, it can be an effective tool for growing your business and building relationships with your customers. I hope this article has provided you with useful information about email marketing that you can use in your own business.