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8 Types of graphic design and the best for your business

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Most people wonder if an on-demand design service is really worth the monthly fee, given their graphic design needs.

– “Right now, all I need is a logo, nothing else.”

– “One big website design overhaul and that’s it.”

Oftentimes, you’re underestimating the growth your company could achieve so you hire a project-based designer. After a few weeks, you’ll notice that you require additional graphic design work on top of the logo and website.

Let me advise you against choosing an extremely low-cost service because it almost always backfires. 

On the other hand, stay away from overpriced agencies or freelancers that will burn a hole in your pocket or abandon you in the middle of a large project.

With too much pressure coming from both sides, maybe you’ve settled to just D-I-Y. But then, after too much stress and sleeplessness, you realize, that if you continue doing everything on your own, your company can’t take off.

CEOs Big firms see a lack of people and expertise as the greatest threat to their business, which is why they promote job openings that aren’t yet open to fill their talent pool. 

Yet here you are, attempting to accomplish everything on your own. Wow!

Here’s a chart that illustrates the different types of graphic design needed by different industries to assist you in objectively assessing your position and determining if your company has recurrent design needs. 

If your business isn’t listed here, set up a call with us so we can give you personalised advice.

Visual identity

Every company has its own personality and story to tell. Brand identity communicates the character of the business and tells their potential clients their story.

The target market can identify themselves with the brand at a glance. You’re browsing titles in a bookstore, for example. You can tell the genre or whether you’ll love reading it just by looking at the cover.

We often break the rule of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” especially when it comes to companies. As a result, the visual identity of your company must always be on point.

Marketing and Advertising

From billboards to social media pop-ups, advertisements are everywhere. Graphic designs for marketing and advertising are required for any organization that intends to sell.

Selling with words alone is tough. Salespeople must engage to as many senses as possible, particularly the sense of sight.


We’ve seen publications as print media, but digital versions are becoming more popular because they’re more convenient, hyper-targeted, and informative.

While great content is at the heart of ebooks and lead magnets, no one will be persuaded to download a manuscript that appears like a dull senior high school essay.

Layouts, typography, pictures and illustrations that attract and hold a reader’s attention are all things that graphic designers should do.


When was the last time you received a package? How did you find the unboxing process?

Product packaging may appear to be a simple attempt to preserve things from damage, but packaging design has the ability to trigger positive emotions in humans.

Packaging designers come up with innovative ideas to entice customers and make them want to open the packages.

Motion Graphics

Animations and GIFs, which are examples of motion graphics, have revolutionized media trends and consumption. Motion graphics not only entertain people but also effectively communicate the message that is being conveyed.

These animations are used in marketing campaigns, advertising, and logos. Although eye candy, motion graphics can be pricey, and only big businesses or media outlets can afford them.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphic design has a broad scope which includes office branding, store interiors, and public areas.

This type of graphic provides a layered experience in which identity, imagery, and sense of place are enhanced through emotional triggers and touchpoints within a spatial experience.

The future of marketing, advertising, and design may follow this path as Facebook / Meta introduces its potential to the public.


Illustrations are unique visual images made by graphic artists from scratch. These are more personalized or customized for the business.

They are often used to explain a story or process through vector graphics, traditional drawings, or freehand digital drawings.

Web Design

You may have heard the term User Interface or UI countless times, but what exactly does it mean?

A UI design is a type of graphic design that makes a website user-friendly and interactive. It focuses on exceptional visual experience and accessibility of on-screen buttons, menus, and other interactive elements.

A web designer aims to balance aesthetics with functionality and efficiency. A website’s UI should also stay on the company’s brand to maintain its identity.

Take your company’s brand to the next level

Graphic design is one of the most significant parts of any company. It’s used to make marketing materials, advertising, and other promotional items that will assist your company get more exposure.

Don’t limit your company’s potential because you feel you only need piecemeal designs.

You should have as many designs as possible in the works to educate and entertain your loyal and potential customers, in order to stay visible on a regular basis. It will breathe new life into your brand and keep your target audience engaged.