social media designs,social media graphics,graphic design,social media content

Best graphic design practices when creating social media graphics

social media designs,social media graphics,graphic design,social media content
Make some noise online and get that engagement with visual content made for social media!

Scroll, scroll, scroll. That’s what we’re all doing these days as we mindlessly flip through our social media feeds.

As our thumbs work overtime, what makes us finally stop and engage with a post? More often than not, it’s eye-catching graphic design.

And, mind you, I’m not saying that just because I run an on-demand design service.

Let’s face it: We’re visual creatures living in an increasingly visual world. And with more brands and businesses jumping into the social media game, creating clever social media designs matters more than ever before.

But designing for social media is a whole different ballgame than print or web design. The constraints and opportunities are unique.

In this article, I dive into the nitty-gritty of strategic social media graphic design. From image sizes to color schemes to stylistic choices, I talk about how to create shareable social posts that get attention and drive engagement.

So before you hit “post” on that next graphic, make sure to give this article a read. It could be the difference between a social media win or an epic fail!

Know the optimal image sizes for the platforms you post on—getting the right templates and design tools

One size does not fit all in the world of social media visuals. Each platform has its own preferred image dimensions.

From the square images of Instagram to the horizontal layouts of Facebook and the vertical orientation of Pinterest, you should create social media graphics that fit the specifications of each platform.

social media designs,social media graphics,graphic design,social media content
Here are some notable image sizes for different social media platforms.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the dimensions to keep track of? You don’t have to worry. Lucky for us, design tools have handy templates, so you don’t have to memorize all the sizes.

If you don’t have a dedicated design team, you can use Canva with their free graphic templates for most social media images.

If you make designs in the Adobe ecosystem, you can use the templates on Adobe Express to make sure you are using the right image sizes.

Create standout social media profiles – show off your brand everywhere online

Keeping things consistent is key to a strong brand presence on social media.

Use your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts to maintain a steady look across platforms. This gives you a recognizable style that’s uniquely yours.

social media designs,social media graphics,graphic design,social media content
At Deer Designer, we stick to this color palette to keep our brand cohesive online.

Even just using the same colors in all your posts can help folks recognize your content as soon as they see it. This builds trust and familiarity with your audience whenever they scroll through your feed.

Are your social media posts cluttered? Keep text easy to read in your graphics

Posts stand out on social media better with images, as they’re super engaging. Because it is an engaging piece of content, it is also a great social media strategy to add text to your photos.

Just be sure to use readable fonts, place text carefully, and balance visuals with words. Typography should enhance your graphics, not make them cluttered.

If you don’t know how to create stunning social media layouts and designs, there are thousands of templates available online with preselected fonts, font sizes, and colors to lessen your work.

They even have placeholders for images, and logos to make sure your designs stay on-brand.

Know the top social media trends – keep your social media content fresh and relevant

Trends come and go fast on social media. To stay relevant, keep an eye out for what’s hot in your niche while still being true to your brand.

This helps you reach new audiences without losing your style.

Get to know your audience with interactive content and engaging social graphics

Beyond static images, social platforms have interactive content like polls, quizzes, and stories.

Tailoring your posts for these makes your audience more likely to engage and helps you understand them better.

You can build stronger connections and community loyalty.

Make easily shareable content for better viral chances

We all want our content to go viral, but virality is tricky.

While you can’t guarantee your posts will blow up, some strategies boost shareability.

social media designs,social media graphics,graphic design,social media content
Viral content is organically shared by people to their friends and family.

Use creative storytelling, humor, and emotional appeal to make graphics that resonate.

Think about how to format your content to spark strong reactions or provide value.

These kinds of posts tend to get shared more, spreading their reach exponentially.

What makes a great social media post? Get to know your analytics

All social platforms have analytics, so you can be strategic with your posts and keep people engaged. Use this data to enhance your approach.

Track key metrics like engagement, click-throughs, and audience demographics to see what type of content and designs your audience likes best.

Through ongoing analysis and testing, you can refine your social media design strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Knowing how to effectively create social media graphics

Designing for social is its own beast. Without the right know-how, your posts may never reach your audience.

As experts in social media design, we handle unique challenges and maximize the opportunities for engagement.

By following image size guidelines, building a steady brand identity, and creating shareable, resonant content, we ensure our clients’ social media visuals stand out.

Give us a call. We’d love to partner with you on impactful social media designs.