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9 Ways to reward employees without spending a lot of money

boss entrepreneur giving award trophy to employee designer
Appreciation is the greatest reward

So, my friend who is also a teacher came up to me last month, all excited because her boss gave her a trip to Singapore as a reward for meeting her math centre’s student number target.

She asked me how much her carry-on bag could weigh, and I told her not to pack too much because she would need space for the gifts she promised to bring me.

Fast forward a week later, and she was back and all hyped to show me the gifts she got, and I could see the joy and fulfilment in her eyes. She even mentioned wanting to do better so she could earn another trip next year!

Did you know that happy employees work harder and are up to 20% more productive at work than unhappy ones? That’s why it’s crucial to acknowledge and celebrate your employees’ achievements and milestones.

I know that not every boss can afford to splurge on big rewards like an all-expense-paid trip to the Bahamas or hand out cash like it’s Halloween candy. 

That’s why I’m here to give you some ideas on how to show your employees some love without breaking the bank.

  1. Take the time to write a handwritten note recognizing your employee’s hard work and accomplishments. It’s simple, personal, and it shows that you care.
  2. You can also take your team out to lunch to celebrate. This will not only show how grateful you are, but it will also give the team a chance to get to know each other better and have fun together.
  3. Give your employee public praise in front of the rest of the team or company. This can be done with a simple announcement at a team meeting or with a more formal ceremony.
  4. Another idea is to create an award or certificate to recognize your employee’s accomplishment or milestone. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation and can be given out at a team meeting or ceremony.
  5. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can give your employee a gift card to their favourite restaurant or coffee shop. This is a simple way to show your employee how much you appreciate them and give them a treat.
  6. Or maybe give them a flexible schedule or even an extra day off to recharge.
  7. Send an email to everyone in the company to let them know about a team member’s achievement or milestone. This is a great way to show your thanks and let the rest of the company know about the good news.
  8. Consider giving your employee a personalized gift, like a coffee mug, water bottle, or tote bag with their name on it. This is a thoughtful way to give them something to remember their success.
  9. Celebrate their achievements with a team-building activity like a company outing. This is a fun way to celebrate and thank each other while also getting closer as a team.

Sample employee appreciation designs

If you’re a Deer Designer client, we can create designs like these to add an extra touch of special to your certificates, awards, and recognition!

A pat on the back is a push to the top

Celebrating employee achievements and milestones is vital to creating a positive and supportive workplace culture. 

Even if you have limited funds, there are many creative and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation and acknowledge your employees’ hard work.

And who knows, it may even indirectly increase brand awareness for your company!

So don’t forget to take the time to celebrate your employees, and you’ll create a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.

And if you need help with the design aspect, we’re here to improve the design so that your team members will take pride in displaying their awards or sharing their milestones on social media.

Remember, a pat on the back is a push to the top!