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Content Calendar for Web Agencies + Free Download

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A few days ago, I almost missed publishing a social media post about the 4th of May. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you know what I’m talking about. 

Good thing my boss reminded me about it since it’s a well know holiday for our audience in the US and the UK.

It was a shame for me to forget because I also deal with social media content. Even if you’re the expert or go-to person for a task, there are times you will drop the ball especially if you’re overwhelmed with bigger projects.

One way to avoid this is to plan for your content months before through a content calendar.

A content calendar is an essential tool for any marketing team, particularly when dealing with a large number of clients. 

Content calendars can help you in organizing your content so that you can keep track of what you’ve written and who you also need to write to.

This article will look at why you need a content calendar, how to create one and when to use it.

Why do you need a content calendar?

Content is king when it comes to content marketing and generating inbound leads. For a web agency that needs to create content to promote its services, this can be uncomfortable.

Content creation can be time-consuming, especially for someone or a team who is skilled in web development, web programming, and other technical aspects in addition to writing or graphic design. 

You may make it a lot easier by planning and scheduling your content.

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What’s in a content calendar template?

The most important tool in any content marketer’s arsenal is a content calendar template. These templates work equally well for small and large businesses.

A content calendar template can come in handy when you’re ready to plan out your blog posts, podcasts, videos, and email marketing. 

To help you get started, here is a calendar for the whole year. Yes! 12 months’ worth of content ideas for web agencies for you to download now!

Just leave your email and we’ll send the template directly to your inbox.


Keep your social media channels alive and kickin’ with this calendar. Schedule your copy with graphics from Deer Designer and you’re done!


How to use this content calendar template?

When you download the template, you’ll find monthly themes and holidays relevant to online agencies. These topics can be used to produce articles, together with creating social media posts for engagement.

Feel free to mix and match the content to your liking, and remember to request social media or blog graphics from Deer Designer so that once you’re done with the content, you can quickly add and schedule the graphics.

You can use a variety of online programmes to schedule posts across all of your favourite social media channels. Review what you’ll schedule carefully, and check in on days that you know you’ll have a planned post to ensure there were no glitches.

4Ps : Planning prevents poor performance

The more regularly your business publishes fresh content, the more likely you are to attract new leads and generate more sales, as per our experience. A content calendar puts you in a more structured and proactive mindset.

Remember to combine your copy with well-designed graphics. This will elevate your potential clients’ engagements,  strengthen your brand and ensure that the content you intended will not go to waste.