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Deer Designer isn’t cheap. Here’s why.

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Some people might think that we charge a lot for our on-demand design service, but the key to the pricing structure at Deer Designer lies in two words: design thinking.

That is one of the reasons why our service is more expensive than other options, but it also makes sense in the long run. Here’s why we charge a premium for our on-demand design service, and why it’s worth it:

Deer Designer saves you time

Time is money 💰 This is one resource you can’t get more of no matter how rich you are. From where you are now, managing people, launching a start-up, fighting fire daily with clients, every minute counts.

Even if you can design and DIY (Do It Yourself), you are better off spending your extra time with your family, growing relationships, or closing deals with more clients.

Deer Designer frees up your schedule to spend time with priceless people and doing what you need to get done.

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Deer Designer is not your cheapest option

We are not the cheapest in the “designer-on-tap” market for a reason. Compared to a $5 logo option in Fiverr, we are more expensive (duh 😜) because we can deliver way more than that, and, most importantly, you can request as many revisions as needed.

Our service isn’t tied to a milestone payment nor a piece of paper. Our service is only limited to your happiness. Your business doesn’t deserve crappy, amateur $5 designs, does it?

Deer Designer gets you results

Oh, you just need a logo? An average person can learn Photoshop in a typical online course in 16 hours. But it takes 4 years to get a degree in design.

Are you going to hire that freelancer with zero experience? No, right? Because you are not only after the skills but also the thought process that brings results. Great design thinking cannot be learned in 16 hours.

With Deer Designer’s squads, you get the skills and the design thinking of dozens of designers committed to getting you the best of all worlds. Logo designers, web designers, illustrators, photo-manipulation professionals, you’ve got it all under the same roof, and for the same price.

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Deer Designer isn’t cheap because you get what you pay for

We make small companies look big. To do that, we provide design work that’ll make your brand look good. These are not just expensive-looking designs but visuals that give value to your target audience.

Designs are company assets that can bring in a lot of money if used strategically and in the right way.

Deer Designer is reliable

Hiring a good freelancer takes time, and unfortunately, most of them are unreliable, provide bad designs, or are simply not a good match. Not to mention the hourly costs and the fact that they have so many projects on the go at the same time that you are NEVER their priority.

Deer Designer gives you a team of a dedicated designer, an account manager and a quality hero that cares about your success, is dependable, and always available.

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Deer Designer is affordable because it’s scalable

We help you scale as your company grows. That means you can get extra designers whenever you need more work done faster. And since you get a whole design team, they will build a relationship with you by learning your preferences and all about your brand (and your clients’ too).

If you do need to grow your team, you don’t need to spend time and money sourcing, hiring, and training every new designer that you onboard. Leave all the boring and time-consuming bits to us.

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Deer Designer has the right price because it’s fast

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me 6 hours to chop a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” Being a design pro means we know our tools like the back of our hands and we have been sharpening them for years.

We take pride in creating premium quality work within a reasonable amount of time. And although we focus on quality rather than speed, some of our clients actually rave about how fast we are.

With the right price, you get to benefit from the design skills our designers have honed for the longest time.

Testimonial Deer Designer
Testimonial Deer Designer

Deer Designer is expensive because it works

We’ve got hundreds of happy clients. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what they say.

Testimonial Deer Designer
Testimonial Deer Designer
on-demand design,on-demand graphic design,on-demand design services,hiring designers,online graphic design

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Deer Designer is expensive because it’s the future of design

deer designer delorean back to the future
Back to the (design) future with the DeerLorean

With the current demand for website design and social media presence, designs have to be made constantly and at a faster pace than ever before. An on-demand design service such as Deer Designer has the resources to make it easy for small and medium businesses.

In a time where even small companies can become global brands, most of the work is being outsourced so your company can tap into the creativity that Deer Designer offers.

Invest in designs for your business

Subscribing to Deer Designer is not an expense, but rather an investment. If it’s worth the price for just a month, imagine working with us in the long run! With this knowledge, we think you now know why it makes sense to use an on-demand design service like ours.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out today and see what Deer Designer can do for you!