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How does an efficient system of design squads work?

designer for hire,remote designer,remote management tips,work from home,remote employee management

Life provides a lot of opportunities to test teamwork. My senior class volunteered to feed 200 hungry high school students one morning. We had what we thought was a brilliant idea to serve hot porridge – and boy we were so wrong.

Instead of just buying bread to hand out, we chose a very tricky dish! The porridge was piping hot, and we still had to put toppings like eggs and garnishes on it before handing it out.

We did it one bowl at a time. One volunteer would put together a bowl, then walk to an open field and give it to someone who hasn’t had breakfast yet. It was a painfully slow process, and people were starting to become ravenous.

Then, one of our amazing team members had an awesome idea! They had the students line up, and the volunteers created a fun assembly line. 

One person scooped the delicious soup into each bowl; another added the special garnish; and the last person put a spoon in each bowl.

The rest of the volunteers happily lined up, ready to deliver the freshly-assembled breakfast to the students in the other line. And voila! In no time at all, nearly 200 people were happily tucking into their meals. How wonderful!

Design, like feeding a crowd, is an art that requires a creative mind, and the ability to work collaboratively with others. 

Design teams, also known as “squads” at Deer Designer, were formed as a way to increase efficiency and improve the quality of work.

Let me tell you about the benefits of design squads and how they can help produce exceptional work.

Sharing of skills

Working in a design squad is amazing because everyone gets to share their skills and knowledge with each other. 

No matter how complex the design request may be, each of them can contribute something special thanks to their individual experiences.

It’s great to be part of a team where everyone’s ideas are valued.

Collaboration allows members to learn from each other and expand their skills, which can also lead to personal and professional growth.

Sharing of resources

Another benefit of a design squad is the sharing of resources. This can include anything from software and tools to research and data.

Sharing resources not only saves money but also makes sure that everyone has access to the same information, like the branding guide and a list of the client’s preferences.

It lets designers be more consistent, which makes for a more polished end result.

An unlimited pool of ideas

Design squads are constantly brainstorming and generating new ideas. As a result, the team doesn’t run out of ideas in case a client tells them to “go crazy” or “surprise me.”

A lot of ideas make sure that the team does good work and keeps the design process interesting and lively. It also helps prevent creative burnout, which can be a common problem for designers working alone.

Check and balance

Each of our squads has a quality analyst, who provides a unique perspective and catches potential issues or errors that may have been missed by someone working alone.

This person’s role is critical in a squad because it ensures that the final product meets the highest standards and is free of errors.

Timeliness through teamwork

Design squads work together to deliver work on time. Each member has a specific role and responsibility within the team, and they work together to meet deadlines. Each designer becomes accountable for their part in the project.

Get your own design team

Design squads offer many benefits that can help improve the quality and efficiency of design work. They give people a place to share skills, resources, and ideas, as well as a way to make sure things are done well and on time.

The good news is, you don’t have to assemble one on your own and suffer HR headaches. You can simply subscribe to Deer Designer, and a design squad will be assigned to you.

As the design industry continues to change, teams will become more and more important to meet client needs and make great work.

Whether you’re a seasoned agency owner or someone just starting out, consider getting a design squad so you can focus on growing your business.