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Here’s how AI for content creation will (actually) empower businesses to thrive

three designers using AI and tech computer
Designers and business owners using AI

You know how people always say AI is going to take over everything, including writing? Well, here’s a story that proves it’s not entirely true.

In my first few months at Deer Designer, I had tons of articles to write each week. At first, I was smashing through them, meeting all my deadlines. But then I noticed my writing was getting dull and boring. I needed a fresh perspective.

So I asked my sister for help. She drafted some articles, and while some were meh and needed lots of changes, others had brilliant ideas I hadn’t even thought of. It was a lifesaver back then.

Now, with AI around, I don’t need her assistance anymore. But guess what? I’m still here as a writer! Why? 

Well, sure, Thiago (the CEO) might have his reasons, but I think it’s because someone—a human like me—is still needed to bring that personal touch and really embody the brand.

Using AI in content creation

Let’s talk about how businesses are using AI in content creation. AI’s been around for ages, but it’s only recently that everyone’s been buzzing about it. And you know what? It’s actually awesome for boosting productivity!

Automated content generation

Automated content generation is a game-changer. 

AI can whip up human-like text based on certain parameters, and businesses use it to create loads of content quickly.

Product descriptions, blog posts, social media updates, and even news articles are all done with AI magic, saving time and reducing errors.

robot in yoga pose AI technology
AI tools help in content generation

Content recommendations

Next up, we’ve got personalized content recommendations. AI digs into user behavior and preferences, delivering content that’s tailor-made for each person. It’s like a personal content concierge that boosts engagement and customer loyalty.

Search engine optimization

Content curation and optimization are vital too. AI-powered tools sift through heaps of data, pick out the best stuff, and present it in an easily digestible way.

And hey, AI’s not only about words. It can also optimize content for better search engine rankings, which means more eyes on your content!


Let’s not forget our friendly neighborhood chatbots. They’re AI-powered and do so much more than just customer support.

They engage users in conversation, answer questions, and even give personalized recommendations based on what users like. Talk about a helping hand to the team!

red robot with cellphone cartoon
AI and technology help in many ways

Video creation

AI’s not just about text and images. It’s getting into video creation too! AI-powered tools can create stunning visuals, infographics, and illustrations, cutting down on the need for graphic designers.

Plus, AI can rock video editing, making it easy to produce captivating content without hours of manual work.

Social media management

Now, for all you social media fans, AI is here to help with social media management. It can schedule posts, analyze engagement, and even suggest the best times to post for maximum reach.

And with sentiment analysis, businesses can see how the audience reacts and adjust their strategies accordingly.

robot marketing holding megaphones with cellphone
AI creates content faster but not better

What? No design?

I got this list from an AI tool, and surprisingly, design is not on the list. Maybe only a few business owners depend on AI for design? I’ve seen some samples made by AI, and they look stunning, but I know they’re not ready to be published as an ad.

Remember the 80/20 in my intro? Business owners still need real humans to design according to their intended purpose. While the technology is still unreliable, you can depend on Deer Designer to meet 100% of your design needs.

AI is a fantastic tool for online businesses. It’s not something to be scared of but rather embraced for its superpowers. 

From automated content to personalized experiences, AI helps businesses engage with their audiences and stay ahead in the digital game. 

By using AI, companies can focus on creativity and strategy, leading to greater success in the digital world. Cheers to the future of content creation!