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How to show your designer that you appreciate them

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Gary Vaynerchuck said: “Karma is Practical”.

When you do something nice to someone or make them feel good about themselves, it creates a domino effect of good work and vibes that can return back to you.

Let me tell you a story about one time when I rode a plane. 

I got an aisle seat in an 8-hour flight and a man, probably in his 40s, asked me to switch seats with him because the window seat he got was quite small for him and he kinda gets rattled when cooped up in a corner.

I honestly didn’t mind and gladly switched seats with him. He was deeply in gratitude and kept on saying thanks until the plane was on air.

A few hours the flight, I heard that he and the guy in the middle became good friends. They’re from the same state and discussed football for hours.

But you know what? Whenever the in-flight crew offered snacks or drinks, aisle guy would reach out to offer them to me first, skipping his friend, every single time.

That’s the power of kindness. I’m sure you have your own story and you know that it goes a long way.

Kindness comes in different forms. It can be an aisle seat on a plane, it can be a 5-star testimonial, it can be a tip but it can be as simple as words or a pat on the back.

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Showing appreciation to your designer is a thoughtful and essential gesture that can boost their morale and motivation. Here are some ways to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation:

  1. Verbal praise: Simply telling your designer that you appreciate their work can have a significant impact. Be specific about what you like and how their designs have positively influenced your project.
  2. Written thank-you notes or emails: Sending a heartfelt note or email expressing your appreciation for their hard work and creativity can go a long way. This is your Deer Designer’s favorite.
  3. Acknowledge their efforts in team meetings: Publicly recognizing their contributions during team meetings or in front of colleagues can make them feel valued.
  4. Provide constructive feedback: Offer feedback on their designs in a constructive manner. Positive and constructive criticism can show that you care about their growth and development. This is your Deer Designer’s second favorite.
  5. Include them in decision-making processes: Involve your designer in discussions about the project’s direction and creative choices. Feeling included can make them feel appreciated.
  6. Celebrate their successes: When a project is successful or well-received, celebrate their role in it and acknowledge their part in its accomplishment.
  7. Provide opportunities for growth: Support their professional development by offering training, workshops, or resources to enhance their skills and expertise.
  8. Respect their time and boundaries: Ensure that you respect their work hours and avoid last-minute requests or constant interruptions, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively.
  9. Gift cards or small tokens of appreciation: Consider giving them a gift card for their favorite art supply store or a small gift that aligns with their interests.
  10. Publicly showcase their work: Feature their designs on your website, social media, or marketing materials with proper credit. This can provide them with a sense of pride and exposure.
  11. Set reasonable deadlines: Avoid unrealistic timelines and give them adequate time to complete their work. This shows that you value the quality of their output.
  12. Host team-building activities: Organize team-building events or outings to create a positive and supportive work environment.
  13. Share positive client feedback: Pass along positive comments or feedback from clients about their work. This reinforces their value to the team.
  14. Employee of the month/quarter recognition: If your workplace has such recognition programs, nominate your designer when they’ve done exceptional work.
  15. Flexible work arrangements: If possible, offer flexible work hours or remote work options to help them achieve a better work-life balance.

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Kindness must be part of culture

If kindness is core to your company culture, you will attract similar characters that you’re sure will show kindness to your clients as well.

What goes around, comes around.

Remember, consistent and sincere appreciation is key. Taking the time to recognize and value your designer’s efforts can lead to increased job satisfaction and foster a positive and productive working relationship.