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5 Tips to effectively showcase services on your website

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If I was looking for a deep cleaning service during the pre-internet times, where would I go?

I could see myself asking family and friends to recommend people who own industrial-grade vacuum cleaners and stores that sell specialized cleaning chemicals. 

If I hadn’t been able to find such a service, I would have done everything myself… and finished it in 6 months 🤪

In the Google era, I just have to type “house cleaning services” and I’ll get a list of directories, job marketplaces, and specialized cleaning companies.

Such a wonderful era to be in, right? 

Tons of information within a click of a button. For me, not so much. Information overload is real and more often than not, it takes longer to compare companies and services than actually having the job over and done with.

Services are more difficult to sell compared to products because it’s abstract, it needs a lot of explaining and relationship building.

As the owner of a service company or a B2B marketer, the challenge is still worthwhile because the revenue can be passive and continuous as long as you know how to care for your clients and upsell.

You must make yourself discoverable on the internet in order for a client to find the service you’re offering.

This is achievable through paid social media ads and Search Engine Marketing. But that’s only the beginning of the journey. The more important half is convincing customers to buy from your website.

In order to sell a service online, you need a powerful combo of copy and design.

This article will go over five methods for introducing your company’s featured services on your website. A professional design team can easily create a website, but what you put into it and its relevance to your clients will make or break it.

1. Illustrate what’s in it for clients on the homepage

The first thing visitors see is your homepage. What you present there sets the tone for your clients’ expectations. Tell your visitors about the features of your service and how they can benefit from them using images and clear copy.

If you’re trying to sell software that will improve processes, use an infographic or an illustration of a character easily going through the new process.

Focus first on getting the images right so that you can support the visual message with copy.

2. Influence their choices through colour

You can influence which button the visitor clicks by strategically selecting high contrast colours for the call to action buttons. If you’re running a promotion, emphasize the savings your customers will receive if they buy now.

However, adjusting colours on your website can be tedious especially if you have to change them weekly, or monthly for your campaigns. You can ask your design team to help you with this.

However, changing the colours on your website can be time-consuming, especially if you have to do so on a weekly or monthly basis for your campaigns. You can enlist the assistance of your design team for this.

They can design the buttons to match your branding, and you can simply hand them over to your developer to update as you go about managing your company’s daily operations.

3. Create a micro-site or a landing page for a special campaign

Microsites are 1-3 page websites with the same branding as the main website but hosted on a different domain. A landing page is designed to focus on a campaign, but it is built on the same website.

Their goals can be as distinct as the creator’s intention. They can be used to promote new products, introduce new products, or invite customers to sign up for email newsletters.

Many service providers are using landing pages to increase traffic and improve the SEO of their websites. Whatever you choose, make sure your design is consistent with your brand to avoid confusing potential customers.

4. Showcase a digital catalogue

Even in the absence of online marketplaces, product cataloging is one of the most effective marketing methods. 

Services that are well-organized and properly labeled on the website or e-brochure can help your clients choose which service they actually need.

You can categorise services into pricing tiers to clearly show the distinctions and inclusions for each. Because this is a digital catalogue, feel free to include all of your services, from basic to after-market.

Include compelling images that depict the uniqueness of each service because you will be showcasing all of your services here. Don’t just use stock photos of people smiling. Choose those that show actual clients using the service.

5. Create a resource page

Most websites have resource pages that provide in-depth information about the topics of authority which are also interesting for your clients.

For example, if you provide pet grooming services, you could create a resource about pet food options that can make coats shinier and healthier for your clients’ dogs and cats. 

You can even provide a short guide on how to easily clean your apartment if your fur baby is shedding.

You can create valuable content for your clients if you know their concerns and pain points.

Service website design samples

Are you ready to stand out?

Your website has to be valuable and easy to navigate for your clients.

People nowadays want the simplest and most convenient way to buy services online while also having the best experience possible. Remember to make your website visually appealing and follow these five tips to increase website sales.