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What does unlimited graphic design mean?

unlimited design cartoon raining paper
It’s raining designs!

I live in a country with a love-hate relationship with the rain.

The amount of rain it takes to grow a sack of rice (150,000 liters / 39,626 gallons) is the same amount that can submerge a van in the city where I live.

The cause of concern for many of us, really, is the amount of rainfall. A drizzle lowers the temperature and waters the plants, while a thunderstorm can be a cause for panic. Water flows to the lowlands, and if it intensifies, families need to evacuate.

Unlimited graphic design can be likened to rain.

Too much of anything is bad

Many people don’t hesitate to avail of unlimited data plans, bottomless drinks, and waived annual fees for life. Very tempting, of course, but people forget that these unlimited services need to be controlled for them to work for us, not against us.

If directed properly, rain can be harnessed to create electricity. With proper guidance and clear objectives, using the best unlimited graphic design services can do wonders for your business.

How does unlimited graphic design work?

Unlimited design is a cost-effective choice for small and medium companies or agencies with design needs. Even global companies with in-house creatives subscribe to this service to expedite deliverables.

If your company requires a constant stream of designs for you and your clients, having one subscription to a graphic design company is definitely a bang for the buck.

What are the common inclusions in an unlimited design service?

When you sign up to get unlimited design service, you can expect the following:

  1. Entitlement to as many design requests and revisions as you need
  2. A recurring flat monthly fee
  3. A graphic designer assigned to handle your account
  4. Option to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

The term “unlimited design service” sounds “far-fetched” since nothing is really unlimited. That’s why we don’t call ourselves “unlimited”, but reliable and always available.

Similar services must be called “on-demand design services” instead. The latter puts the control in the client’s hands and highlights that a design is made exclusively for the client who demands it.

On the other hand, the term unlimited design service is very passive in tone and lacks association with the high quality we wish to deliver.

Compared to freelancers and digital agencies, on-demand design services offer more flexibility and control for the client.

Where can I find companies that provide unlimited design services?

There are dozens of companies that promise “unlimited” design services on the internet. Remember, though, that they’re trying to win you and would stun you with promos and dazzling portfolios just to have you on board.

If you hire independently, check the applicant’s design files and submissions and run them over a plagiarism checker for designs. Due diligence is key.

One thing that is a must are testimonials and referrals. It’s way more important than checking the portfolios, as those might be “lies”. Referrals and testimonials from people who are references in the industry have a heavier weight in the decision.

If you prefer an on-demand design service instead, simply Google “Deer Designer”, and that’s it! I made it even easier for you, just click this. 😄

How do I maximize unlimited design services?

When considering on-demand design services, ask these to yourself or confirm with your design team:

  • How often do we deal with creative projects? Daily? Every week? Monthly? Quarterly?
  • What kind of design projects do we create? Web designs? Video design? Presentation design?
  • Do we believe that upcoming design tasks will need several variations?
  • Do we usually want layouts within a day or two?
  • Do we intend to use any other assistance? Proofreading? Video editing?

Consider the sort of projects you have and try to understand your real graphic design needs. You also have to be aware of and accepting of the on-demand design service’s processes and turnaround times.

You should also have the end in mind for every design project so you can clearly describe what you need from the designer. To effectively collaborate with designers, things like these should be considered and prioritized.

direct water to plants cartoon

Clear direction + Unlimited service = High-quality graphic designs

Unlimited graphic design is like constant rain. It can be refreshing in the first few hours, but if left pouring overnight without some form of control, it causes flooding and disaster.

Rainwater, for example, can be collected and directed to a flowerbed to help the plants grow. Uncollected water is wasted water.

Direct your instructions to the right person and be as clear as you possibly can to avoid misunderstandings. Designers work well when given clear directions.

An unlimited design service is worthless if you can’t use it due to unlimited revisions.

Various design companies offer different packages with several benefits and limitations. If you’re still confused, my tip is to take a look at the feedback from people in the same industry as yours.

Not all unlimited design businesses are alike, and the majority will overwhelm you with the quantity that lacks quality. If you’d ask me, I prefer the latter that’s achieved with proper guidance.