logo design,logo design tips,logo redesign,logo ideas

Logo facts, trends, and stats you need to know for 2023

logo design,logo design tips,logo redesign,logo ideas
Create a logo with latest info in mind

Changing a company’s logo is like a woman getting a big haircut. When someone shows up with a very different style, people either think “wow” or “yikes.” If you’re considering rebranding, you want to get a “wow!”

When you’re getting a logo made, it’s important to know the current trends. Just like when you get a new hairstyle, you might look to a celebrity for reference and decide if you’re brave enough to try it out.

On the day of your haircut, you’ll bring a photo for the hairdresser to copy. They want you to look good, so if the hairstyle you want doesn’t suit your face shape, they will tell you and suggest an alternative. 

It pays off to listen to an expert, but in the end, it’s your choice.

A logo is a company’s crowning glory. They are a big part of how people see a business, so it’s important to know about the latest trends and statistics in logo design. Here are some important facts and numbers to remember for 2023.

Minimalism is key

Minimalism is one of the biggest trends in logo design for 2023. 

Designs that focus on typography and are simple and clean are becoming more popular because they are easy to recognize and remember. It also allows logos to be easily adaptable to different mediums and devices.

Colour matters

Colour plays a significant role in the effectiveness of a logo. In 2023, companies are opting for bold, vibrant hues that stand out and grab attention. Take note: choose a palette that aligns with the brand’s values and personality.

Flexibility is a must

With technology getting better and more devices being used, logos need to be flexible and adaptable. A logo should look great on all mediums, from business cards to billboards.

Abstract shapes are popular

In logo design, abstract shapes like geometric shapes and lines are becoming more popular. These shapes allow for a lot of creative freedom and can show a brand’s personality in an interesting and unique way.

Animated logos are on the rise

Animated logos provide a dynamic experience for the user. However, it is essential to ensure that an animated logo is still simple and memorable and that the animation adds value and does not just make the logo move for its own sake.

94% of the world’s top brands have a unique logo

According to a study, 94% of the world’s top brands have a unique logo. This shows how important it is to have a unique visual identity and how smart it is to invest on a well-designed logo.

Remember to hire a professional (design group) to rebrand your logo.

Custom illustration adds character

Custom illustrations, as opposed to stock graphics, are becoming more popular in logo design. These illustrations are often hand-drawn and create a unique, personal touch that helps the brand stand out.

3D elements are trendy

More and more logos are adding 3D elements, which give the design depth and dimension. When using three-dimensional elements, keep in mind that they can sometimes overpower the logo or make it hard to see at smaller sizes, so be careful.

Lettermark logos are a must-have

Lettermark logos, also known as wordmarks, are logos that consist of only text. These logos are often used by well-known brands, and they can help make a strong, easy-to-recognize image.

Symbol logos are classics

Symbol logos, also known as logos without text, are becoming more popular in 2023. These logos are simple and easy to remember. When used with a company’s name, they can be especially effective.

Responsive design is a need

With the number of mobile devices on the rise, it’s important that logos are designed with “responsive design” in mind. Logos must be easy to see on screens of different sizes and resolutions and still be recognizable when the size is changed.

Gradients show movement

Gradients, or the gradual transition of colours, are becoming increasingly popular in logo design. These parts can give a logo depth and interest, and they can also be used to show movement or progress.

Rebrand to simplify

Many companies are making their logos easier to understand by taking out unnecessary parts and focusing on a minimalist design. This trend is driven by the desire for logos that are easy to recognize and remember, even in small sizes.

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logo design,logo design tips,logo redesign,logo ideas
logo design,logo design tips,logo redesign,logo ideas

Micro-Branding increases engagement

The term “microbrand” refers to small-scale brands with a geographical or market-specific focus. These brands are only familiar to consumers in particular regions or market niches. Micro-branding allows companies to target specific audiences with more focused efforts.

logo design,logo design tips,logo redesign,logo ideas

Try everything!

Thankfully, you can “test” a logo before making it public. Unlike haircuts with no trial period, you can have your logo rebranded in 14 or more ways, as listed here.

If you have a subscription with Deer Designer, we can create as many variations as you want until you find the perfect one for your brand.

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