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Canva + Deer Designer: A taste of design collaboration

Deer Designer and Canva teamwork lifting a boat
Deer Designer and Canva delivers great design together.

Just a few minutes ago, my husband asked me to make an egg mayo spread for a sandwich. I boiled an egg, mixed in two spoonfuls of mayonnaise, and added a pinch of salt. I tried it, and it tasted bland. I wondered what was missing.

I remembered that my husband always added salt and pepper to his food whenever we dined out. So I added pepper and found the missing ingredient. I think it tasted better because he ended up eating three whole sandwiches.

Years ago, I wrote an article about why Deer Designer is a better option than Canva. Today, I’ll share with you why combining Canva and Deer Designer can take your designs from bland to brilliant.

The good and the bad about Canva

If you work with marketing or design, or if you’ve ever had to quickly whip up some designs, you probably heard of Canva, an easy-to-use design app.

Canva is like a boiled egg – it provides a good base for simple design needs. 

It’s usually a good choice for newbies and anyone that want to dip their toes into the exciting world of graphic design. With their templates and drag-and-drop features, anyone can feel like a designer.

But plain egg can be a bit boring. While Canva gives you control over the ingredients, you need creativity and skill to turn it into something special. This is where Deer Designer adds its magic.

Deer Designer and Canva fitting pieces of the puzzle
Deer Designer and Canva fitting pieces of the design puzzle.

Deer Designer shines brighter with Canva

Canva templates might be easy to use, but they’re also overused. With 30 million users downloading the same layouts daily, your brand risks looking stale. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your brand to look like hundreds of others, right?

Deer Designer provides the seasoning your Canva designs need. Our designers create completely custom designs just for you.

Some of our designs may be inspired by current trends, but our bespoke designs ensure your brand stays unique and stands out.

Even better, we provide alternatives to choose from so you can select the flavors that fit your brand best. Canva brings the egg, Deer Designer brings the pepper: all done for you. How cool is that?

Deer Designer and Canva fist bump teamwork
A match made in design heaven

Canva and Deer Designer, better together

The problem with Canva is that only you can access designs you create. For collaborators to help, they need Canva too. Deer Designer fixes that.

We design in Adobe software (which are industry-standard professional tools), then upload to Canva so you and your team can access all files easily.

By combining Canva’s familiarity with our professional polish, everyone wins.

Deer Designer and Canva collaboration
The dynamic duo of design

Try this tasty combo

Creating great branding is unquestionably an extra burden for entrepreneurs, marketers or anyone in need of constant design tasks. 

You value your time, and it’ll be definitely better spent focusing on how you will grow your company and not learning new design tools.

Add a dash of Deer Designer to your Canva workflow for bespoke designs without the work. Our collaboration lets your familiar Canva feel fantastic.

Together, we create a recipe for branding success.