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Top 10 web design layouts: Pick the best for your company

top 10 web design layouts

Everyone wants their website to look amazing to attract clients. Who doesn’t?

Many people believe, though, that the website’s appeal is only dependent on pretty pictures and fancy colours. The website layout, on the other hand, is a crucial component that is often overlooked.

Nature can show us that with the right arrangement, even beautiful things may look even more beautiful. Here are two flower photos. One is of the famous Hokkaido Flower Fields, and the other is of a random flower bed.

Both have vibrant, lovely foliage, but which one would you fly a hundred miles to see? Of course, the one in Japan.

hokkaido flower fields

The Hokkaido Flower Fields are a great illustration of the additional value a layout can bring. To make it look like that, botanists, skilled care, and the right climate were essential. You’re not looking at an ordinary flower bed here.

The core of design is the layout, and only a specialist can make it work for your brand, particularly your website. 

Consider a couple of the most well-known web design layout examples and pick the one that best represents your services and products.

Single-column design

To allow for easier navigation and less distraction, present your main idea in a vertical format. This is the most popular layout because it is optimized for mobile devices.

If you want a minimalist design approach, this is the theme for you. This type focuses more on content because it is what your readers will use to rate your website.

web design layout sample - single column layout
web design layout sample – single-column layout

Full-Screen Photo

Your users will enjoy an eye-catching and engaging homepage design with a fullscreen layout. It uses a full-screen image and brief text to convey a more expressive message. This layout is perfect for emphasizing a specific product.

web design layout sample - full screen layout
web design layout sample – full-screen layout

Z-pattern layout

Most individuals would prefer a quick check of the entire website to determine what they may get from it. The quick scan is designed in a Z pattern, alternating images and text.

This website layout idea works well for sites with a mix of photos and copy. Landing pages with a defined conversion goal are usually a good fit for this layout.

The F Layout

As the name suggests, the eyes move across a page in an F-letter pattern using the F-shape layout. 

Eye-tracking studies support the placement of your site’s most critical elements, such as branding, navigation, and a call to action, on the left side of the design. (your right 😉)

Split Screen Layout

A split-screen layout in website design is an interface layout that divides the website’s home page or landing page into two or more vertical parts. 

Designers can use this design to present different types of content or messages on the same page.

web design layout sample - split screen layout
web design layout sample – split-screen layout

Magazine-Type Layout

You’ve skimmed through many magazines and your tendency is to focus on the most essential headlines over the lesser pieces with a magazine layout. This intention is mirrored in a website with this type of layout.

The magazine website layout creates a complicated visual hierarchy using a multi-column grid. To achieve this, you can experiment with your elements’ arrangement or the quantity of design detail.

web design layout sample - magazine type layout
web design layout sample – magazine type layout

Horizontal strips layout

Horizontal strip design is the preferred choice for long-scroll websites. The design of this website divides the page’s continuous scroll into full-width sections. 

Every stripe is a full-screen fold. To make each strip stand out, experiment with different colour schemes or include photos.

web design layout sample - horizontal strips layout
web design layout sample – horizontal strips layout

Asymmetrical Layout

This design allows you to draw attention to a section of the page. The more specialized the content is, the more attention it receives. Readers will be able to distinguish between primary and secondary content.

web design layout sample - asymmetrical layout
web design layout sample – asymmetrical layout

Box-based design

This design, often known as the grid-based website layout, combines many contents into a single geometric design.

A huge header box and several smaller boxes share screen space with the main box in the box layout. A count of two to five is possible in smaller boxes. It is up to you how many columns and rows there are and how wide and far apart they are.

web design layout sample - box based layout
web design layout sample – box based layout

Cards Layout

The responsiveness of card-style design makes it a popular choice for social networking platforms. 

Additionally, the design highlights each card throughout the web page. Like a box-based one, a card layout uses many rectangular containers to show a variety of information.

web design layout sample - cards layout
web design layout sample – cards layout

Why settle?

Knowing so many possibilities can be overwhelming, and analysis paralysis makes decision-making much more difficult than it needs to be. Because they believe a website design is set in stone, website owners commonly experience anxiety.

– Wait, who told you that?

You can design and redesign your website as often as you want, however you shouldn’t do it too often.

Try and experiment with several layout styles for your website. Allow your design team to create all of the variations you need, whether they are asymmetrical or the more classic F-layout.

Once you’ve seen all of the options, you can confidently use the best one, or even play with layout combinations, knowing that it’s the best for your content and user experience.