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Which industries outsource graphic design the most?

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Many business owners are first-time entrepreneurs. You, like most entrepreneurs, are the ones spearheading projects or introducing new products. I personally enjoy this stage of running a business and delegating tasks.

Because the venture is often new, only a few people are on board, making task delegation difficult. Usually, everyone is buried under deadlines. Thanks to the Internet, I am able to complete projects more quickly because of outsourcing.

I enjoy delegating tasks that I dislike doing myself, such as sales, accounting, and paperwork sorting.

When our administrative assistant resigned months ago, I was left to follow up on client payments. I kept putting off making phone calls and ended up paying someone twice as much just to call.

What are your least favourite tasks? Many people, including myself, despise the process of chasing down a down payment. For others, it’s writing content. For others, it’s art or design.

You’re probably debating whether it’s better to hire in-house or outsource your design needs based on your industry. Will your company be on the list below?

You’re in for a surprise. Many industries that should have in-house talent end up outsourcing their design needs.

Despite the fact that there are numerous viable options, outsourcing is one of the most viable. Finding the right outsourcing design partner with the best quality assurance processes in place is the challenge.

You’re probably debating whether it’s better to hire in-house or outsource your design needs based on your industry. Will your company be on the list below?

Top industries that outsource graphic design

19.5% of graphic designers have engaged with the “specialised design services” sector. Specialized design service industries include:

  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Fashion design
  • Industrial design

Specialized designers are typically hired on a freelance or per-job basis by advertising agencies.


Yup, you read that right. Designers are outsourced by the design firms you hire to create designs for you. Isn’t that surprising?

It may, however, backfire because your instructions may be lost in translation and time zones. Deer Designer is proud to employ full-time designers in comparison to others. 

As a result, no information is lost during translation, and quality is maintained, if not improved.

Design services for specific industries

There are several industries that rely on design to present their products. They only require it on a project-by-project basis, which is why many people prefer to outsource designers.

These tasks are almost always highly specialized, necessitating the use of specialized tools and in-depth design knowledge.

Graphic design agencies

Graphic design agencies hire designers who work with web, game, and app developers to create good computer graphics design, a user-friendly interface, and an enhanced user experience.

They also hire motion designers to advertise products using visual effects, video presentations, and other cinematic techniques.

Interior design firms

Interior designers are responsible for determining and optimizing the use of spaces. They also choose decorative elements like lighting, colours, and furniture to make a building’s interior safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Fashion and retail companies

In terms of global sales, the fashion industry takes the lead. Fashion-related items are the most frequently purchased.

A fashion designer’s job entails extensive research of the latest fashion trends as well as designing the overall prints and graphics for a diverse range of clothing apparel, fashion accessories, lingerie, and footwear that are suitable for everyone.

Manufacturing companies

Industrial designers create designs for mass production of automobiles, toys, electronics, and home appliances, among other things. They combine art, technology, and commerce to create useful products that improve people’s lives.

Advertising agencies

7.91% of graphic designers work in the advertising sector. They promote their clients’ marketing initiatives by using visual graphics and blended texts in advertisements, brochures, and other materials.

Printing, publishing, and other related services

This industry employs 6.79% of all professional graphic designers. Apart from meeting the growing demand for digital publishing, these designers create book covers and print layouts in collaboration with publishers and editors.

You deserve better

Another cross-cultural means of expression, education, and representation is graphic design. As a result, it has become expensive for small and medium-sized businesses to operate. Deer Designer comes in handy in this situation.

Obtaining design help is not always simple or inexpensive. 

We believe you are entitled to work with a professional designer who is invested in your success and can scale with you as you grow, rather than with expensive agencies that simply pass your requirements to an outsourced talent.