Where to find reasonably-priced premium graphic design services?

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Reasonably-priced premium graphic design services are closer than you think.

An hour ago, we were at the mall with the kids in tow. While we were looking for an extension cord in a hardware store, I saw my son put his iPad down on a shelf.

“Take care of your things, you might lose them,” I told him while pointing at the tablet. He nodded his head.

A few minutes later, we were already in the car about to go home when my husband asked my son where his iPad was. Everyone fell silent. It was missing!

I rushed out of the car and ran back to the last store we went to and I asked the sales clerk if she’s seen the gadget. 

I described it the best that I could but she said she didn’t notice anything. Another clerk mentioned we could check the CCTV cameras if we wanted.

My hopes were low because the place was very busy. Thoughts raced through my head while waiting for the security personnel: 

– What if I’m in the wrong store? I hope not. 

– Can I afford a new one? No. 

– Will a cheaper substitute do? No. It’ll be totally different…

What frustrated me the most was that my son wasn’t as panicked as I was. He didn’t understand how precious that was. Maybe for him, it was just like another toy.

The security guard asked me to describe the item in detail and then finally got it from the “lost and found” box. I let out a sigh of relief and thanked everyone. I whispered a prayer while vowing that it shouldn’t happen again.

The iPad incident affected my son and me differently. He uses it most of the time but because I purchased it, I know how much it was really worth.

Creative graphic design services give more value

Studies show that we tend to value expensive things more than cheaper ones that do the same thing. In marketing, this is called the “placebo effect.”

There are a few reasons why people might think that expensive products or services are more valuable. One reason is that we often associate cost with quality.

If something costs a lot, we assume that it is made of higher-quality materials or will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

People also perceive expensive things as being exclusive or luxurious, which can make them more appealing.

The “endowment effect” is a psychological phenomenon that shows how much we like something depends on how much it costs. This is proof that once people own something, they tend to value it more.

When we spend a lot of money on something, we may feel more emotionally attached to it and therefore value it more.

Some people might think that Deer Designer’s on-demand design services cost a lot, but the reason for its pricing structure lies in two words: design thinking. Here’s why our on-demand design service costs more and why it’s worth it:

Deer Designer creative services save you time

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Time is money 💰

No matter how much money you have, time is the one resource you can’t get more. From where you are now, managing people, launching a start-up, and dealing with client concerns on a daily basis, every minute matters.

Even if you can design and DIY (do it yourself), you should spend your extra time with your family, building relationships, or closing deals with more clients.

Deer Designer frees up your time so you can spend it with the people you care about and do the things you need to do.

Deer Designer is not the cheapest graphic design option

We are not the cheapest “designer-on-tap” service for a reason.

When compared to a $5 logo design option on Fiverr, we are more expensive because we can do a lot more than that and, most importantly, you can ask for as many changes, alternatives and revisions as you need.

Our service is not tied to a milestone payment or a piece of paper. Our team only stops when you’re happy, and your business doesn’t deserve crappy, amateur $5 designs, does it?

Deer Designer gets you results

Oh, so you only need a logo design? In a typical online course, it takes 16 hours for a person to learn how to use Photoshop. But getting a degree in design takes more than 4 years.

Will you hire that freelancer who has never done anything before, with no experience whatsoever? No, right? Because you want both the skills and the thought process that gets results. 

You can’t learn to be a great designer in a few hours.

With Deer Designer’s squads, you get the experience, the skills, and the ideas of dozens of designers who are all working together to give you the best of all worlds.

Logo design, web design, illustrations, print design, brand identity, flyer, stationery, business card, and brochure design are all available under the same roof and for the same price.

Deer Designer delivers graphic design services you pay for

We make small companies look like big ones. We create designs that will enhance your brand’s visual image and online presence. Not only do these designs look expensive, but they also give value to your target audience.

Designs are assets that can bring in a lot of money if they are used in the right way and with the right strategy.

Deer Designer is a reliable brand for web design and more

It takes time to find a good freelancer, and most aren’t reliable, create poor-quality designs, or just aren’t a good fit. 

Not to mention that most charge by the hour and have so many design projects going at once that you’re never their priority.

Deer Designer gives you a full design team (a dedicated designer, an account manager, and a quality hero) who cares about your success, is reliable, and is always available.

Deer Designer is a scalable graphic design agency

businessman client jumping on bar graph

We help you scale as your company grows. That means you can get additional designers whenever you need more work done at the same time.

And since you get a whole design team, they will build a relationship with you by learning your preferences and all about your brand – and your clients’ too.

If you need to grow your team, you don’t need to spend time and money sourcing, hiring and training every new designer you onboard. Leave all the boring and time-consuming bits to us.

Deer Designer’s team of graphic designers delivers fast

design team

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me 6 hours to chop a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” Being a design pro means we know our tools like the back of our hands and we have been sharpening them for years.

We’re proud of the fact that we can do high-quality work in a reasonable amount of time. Even though “quality” is more important to us than “speed”, some of our clients rave about how fast we are.

When you pay the right price, you can take advantage of the design skills that our designers have been working on for a long time.

Deer Designer case studies feature happy clients

We’ve got hundreds of happy clients. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what they say.

Testimonial Deer Designer
Testimonial Deer Designer
Testimonial Deer Designer
Testimonial Deer Designer
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Check out more reviews here https://deerdesigner.com/testimonials/

Deer Designer is the future of digital design

deer designer delorean back to the future
We have our own Deer-Lorean 😉

With the current demand for website design and social media presence, designs have to be made more often and faster than ever before. 

A service like Deer Designer that does design on demand has the tools to make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses.

In an age when even small companies can become global brands, most of the work is being outsourced, so your company can tap into the creativity that we offer.

If you want your business to be remembered, invest in design

Subscribing to Deer Designer is not an expense, but rather an investment. If it’s worth the price for just one month, just think what it’ll be like working with us in the long run!

I’m sure that, by now, you now know why it makes sense to take advantage of an on-demand design service like ours.

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