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5 ways to digitise your brand

Raise your hand if your company experienced a sudden digital transformation as a result of the epidemic (or is in dire need to go through one).

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Back in 2018, the World Economic Forum stressed that businesses need a strong digital presence to survive. But some businesses were uninterested because they get sales from locales, walk-in clients, and referrals.

When the pandemic hit, local favorites, mom-and-pop stores, kiosks, and similar companies had to change their marketing strategy and online branding overnight in order to survive. And now that the competition for online visibility has become stiffer, even businesses that were born online needed to up their game.

Businesses, according to Forbes, have modified their marketing plans and goals in order to engage with their customers and attract new audiences. These plans included reaching out to influencers and focusing on social media marketing.

To capture the digital market, your company’s digital branding must be on point and relevant.

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Here are 5 ways how you can digitise your brand:

Optimize your online presence

It is recommended that your brand be visible in at least three social media channels that are most relevant to your market. And the sizes of your creatives will change depending on the channel. Here’s an up-to-date social media graphic size guide:

  • Instagram Post: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Facebook post: 1200 x 630 pixels
  • Facebook Stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512 pixels
  • LinkedIn: 1200 x 627 pixels

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We know you don’t have enough brain space to remember these. Ain’t nobody got time for that! You haven’t even memorized your mom’s phone number, let alone social media aspect ratios, right?

You can rely on Deer Designer for that. Just tell us which channels you need and we’ll optimize all graphics for you.

Leave the graphic design worries to us so you can do the more important stuff – like calling your mom.

Showcase your online branding by posting consistently

You feel like a boss whenever you post 3x in a week on your social media platforms, right?

But when you learn that the optimum frequency is once per day, you’ll be like: kill me now!

I have timed myself whenever I manage my personal online branding and social media. It takes me a whole day to plan a month’s worth of content. Add half an hour just to find a decent photo for each post, edit it to my liking, create a caption and then schedule it.

Now imagine doing it 30 times! Nope, not for me.

Well maybe you can do it, but you won’t have time to do anything else you should be doing.

With Deer Designer, you can leave the leg work to us.

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Boost online branding with custom merchandise

When you get some merch for your brand, you can transform your loyal fans into advocates and walking billboards.

People think of merch as t-shirts and coasters only, but there’s a lot of other cool things out there.

Here’s an i-deer: 💡

Since almost all the viable markets have their online video presence via virtual meetings, streaming, and social media live sessions, it’d be a great idea to invest in something that can be seen from the chest up.

Maybe a cap, custom virtual backgrounds, mugs, and tumblers.

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You read it first here at Deer Insights! And yes, we can design merch for your brand too!

Digitise all your paper collaterals

Brochures, portfolios, menus, and even books can now be made into downloadable files. All of these can also be transformed into lead magnets to collect emails on your website.

Those documents add value to your customers as they can be downloaded, analyzed in-depth, and push your audience to buy more of your products and services.

This being said, lead magnets must be value-packed and visually enticing.

If you have a soft copy of your old files, you can send them to us and your design team will convert them into digital beauty. Or even better, we can create new ones for you!

Digitise your brand by creating a digital character or avatar

An avatar is an icon (or figure) that represents a certain individual in video games, online forums, and so on.

In the physical world, they are called mascots. But in the digital realm, they are called avatars.

A well-created avatar can represent your brand in dozens of ways. They can educate your customers, introduce a new service or product, present announcements, and roast your competition.

If you check out this article, “humanising the brand” is a crucial stage in developing a strong brand identity, and for good reason.

The more human your avatar is, the more it will connect with your target audience.

Pick the right graphic design partner

Deer Designer was born online and has the speed and resilience required to thrive in the digital arena. Whether your company is online or a brick and mortar, you can count on us to create digital designs that will put your business back on the map.

Pick a fast, efficient partner. Choose Deer Designer.