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7 Halloween marketing ideas for your web agency

web designers working on Halloween web design
Web design agencies can decorate more than their website for Halloween

October and November are the busiest months for web agencies, especially for requests related to Halloween. Every year, there are more orders for websites and web apps that need to be up and running by October 31st.

This year is no different, as many clients are planning their own marketing campaigns and buying their own domain names and hosting plans.

If you run a web agency, now is the time to start getting ready for a large number of orders you might get before Halloween.

If you have a small team or you are a one-man band, you might want to subscribe to an on-demand design service to help you at a fraction of the cost.

With the help of others, you are now more confident about publishing Halloween content for yourself and your client. If they want easy and useful Halloween decorations, here are some ideas:

Give out items with a Halloween theme

Why wait until Christmas to share cheer? During the end-of-the-year rush, it’s hard to compete for attention when there are so many other brands giving away merchandise. 

Instead of waiting, give your loyal clients branded items this Halloween season.

I’m sure you’re the only one who did that, and the client will remember it. Your customers will probably go crazy for anything Halloween-related, and giving them a few key items will help spread your brand.

Halloweenify your website and social media channels

Consider yourself a Halloween expert. Every year, go all out.

For example, you could redesign your website solely for the month of November. You can also share eerie graphic designs and messaging on social media. 

It’s exciting to choose a new theme each year. Because of the wow factor, your customers and employees will look forward to it.

Sample Halloween-themed campaign from Deer Designer

Aside from the samples below, you can have more designs made for:

  • merch
  • website
  • social media
  • email headings
  • contest poster
  • lead magnet
  • stickers

Re-engage shoppers from last year

Halloween is an excellent time for websites to reconnect with previous visitors who may have made a purchase or are looking for a new product or service. It’s an opportunity to provide them with the best deals for the season.

Someone who bought a costume for their child last year, for example, might be interested in a new accessory for the outfit this year. To get them in the spirit, send them an email campaign that is also Halloween-themed.

Welcome your clients with a digital trick or treat

Many people enjoy Halloween because of the costumes and treats. However, for business owners, it is also an excellent opportunity to showcase their creativity and boost the brand awareness of their website.

This holiday can be used in a variety of ways, from offering discounts and hosting face-to-face events or online contests. The most important thing is to have fun and to make your customers happy.

Use a lead magnet to scare your potential customers into purchasing

As the expert in your niche, publish research on the business losses that can occur if a website is poorly designed or broken. You’re not inciting fear; you’re simply stating the facts for your potential clients to take action.

Provide ways for them to troubleshoot or diagnose these problems on their own, and finally, give your information so they can contact you if all else fails.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

You already know that this fun and weird time of year is coming up, so I wanted to get you thinking about how to market your business on this special day.

Don’t worry about the designs; Deer Designer can help you, even if it’s only a few days away. I hope that these ideas have given you some ideas for how to market your business for Halloween.