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9 Tips to promote your brand on social media (without being pushy)

pre historic tribe socializing around a bonfire
Socialization has been part of human nature since prehistoric times.

Imagine you live in prehistoric times and you’re part of the tribe’s nightly bonfire circle. You’ve all heard how Ooga led a small team to capture and kill the 10-ton mammoth that would feed the entire community for a week.

The hunters hugged their wives who fed them well, shook hands with the weapon makers, and thanked the gods. It was a win-win situation for everyone. Everyone was happy.

A woodcarver from another village popped up in the midst of all the applause and warm wishes. He announced that he would present the heroes with wooden mammoth-shaped trophies to remind everyone of that glorious day.

Of course, the heroes get it for free; the rest must barter.

The woodcarver returned home with a full stomach, some meat for her wife to cook, and fur coats for his children in exchange for his wood carvings.

Advertising at social events and social channels can be very effective without being overly salesy.

People’s basic nature is to socialise and be a part of a community. This need is met by social media platforms, which have proven to be effective in promoting one’s business.

Here are ten tips for using social media to promote your brand without being pushy:

1. Know where your audience is

Remember that not all social media channels are created equal, and each has its own set of core users. Are you targeting new moms? They’re certainly on Instagram and Facebook Groups. Do you want to reach out to Generation Z? The majority of them are in Tiktok.

It is important to understand your target audience’s social media usage patterns. You can’t effectively communicate or promote if you don’t know where and how people express their wants, likes, and dislikes on social media.

2. Share your “behind the scenes”

People prefer to buy from people they know, like, and trust. They will gravitate toward you and may become potential clients if they see you working joyfully day in and day out on something you are passionate about.

I personally follow a sticker seller’s Instagram account. Imagine how boring it might be to sell sticky tapes.

However, the seller has consistently shared how she packs orders, prints stickers, and organises her shop, and I am always fascinated. Unsurprisingly, I bought something from her shop.

She never explicitly stated, “Buy from me.” She’s never even spoken in any of her videos. I have never seen her face, and yet here I was, adding stickers from her shop to my cart.

3. Use the platform wisely

Algorithms differ between social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok. It is critical to understand what type of content should be uploaded based on the type of social media platform.

Reels and videos, for example, are relevant for Instagram and TikTok, whereas infographics are fitting for Facebook.

It’s also essential to know the proper dimensions to be used on each platform. This prevents the copy or important images on your graphic design from being cut off.

4. Engage

Don’t simply spray and pray. Your social media following will not grow if you continue to post without engaging in genuine conversations with your followers.

GaryVee is also known to spend a substantial amount of time responding to every comment on his social media accounts.

Promoting your brand is important for more than just increasing sales. It is also critical to establish rapport with your audience by showing that you are listening to their suggestions, comments, and concerns.

Engagements have the potential to turn your customers into fans. It motivates others to persuade their family, friends, or coworkers to join your community. This expands your audience through recruitment and word-of-mouth.

girl showing make up tutorial on social media
Connect with your audience by sharing your lifestyle and passion projects on social media.

5. Collaborate

Connect your brand to people you believe in; it’s a plus if they’re popular influencers with a large following on various social media platforms.

Keep in mind that their audience must be your target market. If there is an offer-market mismatch, a million followers are worthless. You can increase the visibility of your brand on social media by collaborating with them.

6. Use well-made design

Strong, compelling visuals easily captivate the majority of people. It is important to ensure that the visuals posted online are attractive and captivating. This incentivizes people to pay closer attention to your brand.

You have seconds to hook a potential client and only one surefire way to keep their thumbs from scrolling.

7. Try new techniques and platforms

Trends come and go, so you must keep track of how your target market reacts to your posts. Algorithms change and new social media ads are created every day.

Successful social media promotions are risky, so it’s always a good idea to experiment with different ways to promote your brand.

This includes learning new editing techniques as well as new platforms to promote on. All of these can help to increase the visibility of your brand.

8. Plan, execute and adjust

Planning is essential when it comes to promoting your brand. However, planning is not enough; you must also act on your plans. There are numerous ready-to-use pre-made templates available.

Unfortunately, they will be useless unless you have a designer working on the graphics and a writer writing the captions. Most importantly, you must make them public for all to see.

Expect it to be a slow burn, as there is a lot of noise on the Internet. However, take the time to assess what worked and what did not so that you can adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

9. Stay consistent

Consistency is what separates amateurs from professionals. When they do not see immediate results, some people give up. Success, especially in marketing, does not happen overnight. To see results in promoting your brand, you must be consistent.

However, when publishing content on a daily basis, take care not to be too pushy. Nobody enjoys aggressive salespeople.

Instead, engage your followers on a daily basis with different content about your niche until they trust your brand enough to buy.

Social media loves authentic content

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with existing customers and finding new ones. Just remember the tips in this article to promote your brand without being pushy.

A few factors are key to success here. First , you must understand how to promote your brand without being pushy. You don’t want to come across as an obnoxious salesperson.

This can be difficult, but if you take the time to learn about the individual you’re speaking with and their interests, you can begin to provide them with useful information they’ll appreciate.

This can be done by sharing articles, videos, and photos that may be of interest to your followers. If they notice that you consistently provide valuable content, they will begin to trust you and take your words more seriously.