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A guide to social media design sizes – 2021

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When managing social media presence, the challenge for busy business owners and social media managers is the constantly changing image size requirements.

You have a flawless marketing page for your profile for one minute. One day later, it has been scaled and seems all distorted and odd. Isn’t it stressful?

In social media, your company’s design in every post is the first thing your potential clients see. Perhaps the only thing they remember. Choosing the right imagery and presenting it in the right format for each platform is critical… and cumbersome.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as I’ve listed the appropriate sizes for your social media designs below.

Here’s your guide to make sure that the proportions you choose are based on where you want the bulk of your viewers to see your image.

social media size guide 2021

Photos and videos have seized control of the marketing reins. If your images are captivating and of the right size, you will undoubtedly win the engagement fight.

So rather than estimating which social media image sizes will actually work, you now have a roadmap to assist you. Keep this accessible, and your brand’s social media photos will look fantastic in whatever channel.

Remember that having the right format is important! Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.