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How stories can help you gain authority and reputation

Gandalf professor x yoda cheshire cat movie guides or mentors
Guides and authorities help the hero (or customer) succeed.

I thought newscasters were so cool that I went to college for four years to become one. When I saw them on the news, they were beautiful, smart, and brave. 

I was especially impressed that they didn’t care when there was a riot, an explosion, or something dangerous with them.

When I was doing research for my thesis on how journalists work, I had the chance to talk to both new and experienced reporters. I found out that behind all that I see on TV, they have to deal with a lot of stress and challenges to their mental health.

After I turned in my final paper, I realized I had taken that college course for the wrong reason, and I had a newfound respect for broadcasters. 

The people I talked to set me straight, and this is how a person’s power and reputation can influence others.

Customers are tired of being sold to all the time and want to do business with companies they can trust. Brands need a strong reputation and authority among the people they serve to make this connection.

Build up your own brand with a story

If you don’t type your brand’s (or your company’s) capabilities, no one will do it for you. An effective way to make your business stand out is to tell a story about it.

You might think that having a great product or service is enough to set you apart, but without a compelling story to go with it, no one will care about it — they’ll just be another option on the shelf.

Know what makes your business believable

Getting to know what makes your business different from others can help your business stand out. Each company has its own history, and so does yours.

What happened in that story? And how can you tell it so that those interested in your products or services will believe you and pay attention to it?

Start by highlighting what made you successful, the struggles you overcame, and how you can help them do the same.

Brand storytelling design helps companies tell their own unique stories through words and pictures that show their values and mission statement. 

It helps them connect with customers by creating an emotional bond that goes beyond just selling a product or service.

How to not overhype yourself?

Remember that you (and your company) are the guide to the story – like Professor X to Wolverine, Gandalf to Frodo, Yoda to Luke Skywalker.

If you consistently educate and share information like a guide, potential clients will be drawn to you. Coming from a place of help is the key to not becoming sales-y. 

Once your customer is ready to listen, offer what you can do but let them decide.

Story elements you can use for content

Vision and Values

By telling stories, you can share your vision and values with your audiences. Vision is not just a bunch of fancy words plastered on a wall in an office, they are shown through actions and stories.

A business truly embodies its values through how they treat its clients and employees. These are all wrapped around in stories of course, which you can share online or even in internal memos or newsletters.

Strengths and Successes

Through stories, you can convey your business’s strengths, successes, and why it should be trusted. Share the success of your other clients because their success resonates with yours. You are all part of a winning team!

Sharing stories also helps to create an emotional connection with their audience. People are more likely to remember and trust a business if they feel a personal connection to the story being told.

Challenges and Solutions

Great stories include challenges that seem insurmountable at first. These take us to the edge of our seats especially when we can relate to the struggles. These elements make the service human and believable.

If you can help your clients through these odds, share the journey and perhaps potential clients discover that the solution lies within your company all along.

Gurus are overrated

Gurus had much hype because most of them promised instant solutions to business problems. Many people are now disillusioned that some of the solutions they offered are short-lived. You don’t want to be in the same category with them.

Offer genuine help because you’re building a relationship with the client, not just a one-time transaction. Make this form of help available in all possible digital platforms you can manage and it’s a good marketing investment.

Through it, you can tell people about your values and mission in a way that is interesting and makes them want to buy from you. This will bring in new customers and keep the ones you already have coming back for more.