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The power of testimonials and how to easily get them from clients

on-demand design,on-demand graphic design,on-demand design services

A Netflix drama told the story of a small business that made an app for people with bad eyesight. In one episode, the CEO stayed up all night to answer all comments.

She was so happy when she read the 5-star reviews but also got angry seeing the rants. It was funny that in one minute she was laughing then crying. In the end, she even smashed her keyboard! The scene looked so real that it was hilarious.

Who could really blame her? Owners are very proud of their businesses. They want to make sure that everyone sees what they intend for it. 

They aim for a good reputation, not only to get more sales but also to remind themselves that they are doing something right, with purpose.

Collecting testimonials is a great way to get clear feedback on products and services. These have turned into a clever way for the business and the customer to talk to each other.

Reviews and testimonials have been used in marketing for a long time. Businesses have learned that regular people can also build trust, so they don’t have to rely on celebrities, vloggers, or other “influencers” alone.

Better connection with your target audience

Several buyer satisfaction studies have shown that emotional connections are a strong driver of a brand’s image. 

Real testimonials from customers don’t use carefully chosen marketing language. They make people feel something genuine when they visit or buy.

You can build trust with the help of testimonials and reviews

Big Commerce says that good reviews increase customer trust by 72%.

If a shopper doesn’t know anyone who has bought the products in question, they are more likely to trust the testimonials. Shoppers value testimonials just as much as they value advice from someone they know.

Promotion for free! Hear ye! Hear ye!

When a client gives you a review, you find out what they’ll tell their friends about your business the next time they get together.

When customers talk about how great the things you sell are, and how great the customer service is, your business gets a lot of free publicity.

Reach untapped market

A lot of people like to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about the things they buy even if others don’t care about it. That still counts as brand awareness!

Aside from that, potential customers ask around before purchasing. People’s opinions relating to your brand, products, and services are important to buyers. 

Even if you only have a few valuable pieces of feedback, that could be enough to make it worth it.

Testimonials can improve your SEO

Strangely, testimonials and reviews can bring a lot of new traffic to your website and help your SEO. SEO’s goal is to give visitors not only the information they need but also the best, most useful information that’s out there.

Tips to get fast feedback from clients

Requesting feedback is a double-edged sword. It’s easy to request one from a loyal client but asking a dissatisfied client opens a can of worms. Be mindful of who you’re asking for feedback from and on what platform they’re going to share it.

1. Time it right

December is the best time to think about how well your business is doing. If you’re planning to give away merch, you can have this project hand in hand so you can give the merch as a sign of thanks for the lovely feedback.

2. Make it easy, use the tool you used to capture them

If they got to know you through Facebook, then you can ask them directly to post feedback on your page or you can direct message them for more in-depth questions. If they signed through e-mail, it’s best to ask for feedback through email.

3. Enable anonymity

If you’re seeking any kind of feedback, good or bad, enable a setting that will allow the person to hide their identity. 

This way, they can freely say what they want to say without judgment. This kind of feedback however is less believable because it might be fabricated.

4. Ask for it quickly

As soon as you’ve completed the request or delivered the product, ask for immediate feedback. This way, the experience is still fresh in their minds and they can also comment on your speedy and reliable delivery.

5. Ask the right questions

If your rating is based on stars, then just add a simple section to add any comments. If the feedback is more in-depth, ask open-ended questions to collect more insights or details.

Take note that longer testimonials for services that span months will take longer to accomplish or acquire.

6. Do it for them

If you ask for too much time from your clients, they’re less likely to complete it. Why not make an outline for them or give them leading questions that they can easily answer and then structure the testimonial for them to approve?

Developing a great brand and business takes time

After getting some great feedback, the next question is how to put it to use. It’s great to have a reviews page on your website, but don’t forget to also encourage your customers to visit and read through it.

Articles and social media sites are great ways to convince people that you can be trusted. Remember email marketing and print advertising, if relevant.

Make a big deal out of the good feedback you’ve gotten on all of your social media channels. You should now understand how important testimonials are. So, without any more delay, go ahead and ask for testimonies from your clients!