Our favourite Deer Designer 2022 memories

Deer Designers celebrating the New Year
Happy 2023!

We have never had a year like this one, but even with all the challenges and uncertainty, we have still found reasons to be thankful and celebrate. 

At Deer Designer, we’ve had the opportunity to create many memories with the people we work with and the clients we serve.

This year has been full of things we’re thankful for, from building strong relationships to creating innovative designs. 

Here are some of the things our Deer Team said they’ll always remember about this year at Deer Designer, and we’ll be sure to make more in the years to come.

  1. Winning in games and fun competitions 🏆
  2. Meeting a special someone 💞
  3. Having a child 🍼
  4. Getting married 💍
  5. Starting to plan and build my own house 🛖
  6. Travelling ⛵
  7. Having my design featured 🏅
  8. Receiving a special shoutout from my client 📢
  9. Becoming designer of the month 🎖️
  10. Meeting great friends 🫂
  11. Getting inspired by great clients 🎨
  12. Improving my craft ⛑️
  13. Rediscovering my passion 👨‍🎨
  14. Getting my heart broken 💔
  15. Outdoing myself 💪
  16. Surviving the probationary period 📆
  17. Playing online with teammates (after work) 🕹️
  18. Losing weight 🏃
  19. Gaining weight ⚖️
  20. Making mistakes (and learning from them) ☹️
  21. Creating out-of-the-box designs 🎁
  22. Testing my limits 🧠
  23. Managing a team 💼
  24. Engaging a client 🗣️
  25. Almost quitting ❌
  26. Learning a new tool or techniques 🛠️
  27. Discovering a hidden talent 🎭

2023 is here!

We get stronger, smarter, and more prepared for what’s to come as we go through life. We can build a bright future if we take advantage of new chances and learn from the past.

Here’s to growth and success in the years to come!

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