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How to increase recurring revenue by selling website design services

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Running a web design company is not easy. If you nodded to that, I’m writing this article for you.

There are a lot of things that you need to worry about, right?

One of the struggles you might have is increasing your recurring revenue. Getting people to pay for a web design is difficult enough; convincing them to get a monthly add-on service is even harder.

This article will show you how you can increase your recurring revenue by delivering extra design services to your clients.

What is recurring revenue?

Recurring revenue is a growing trend in the business world because it allows businesses to maintain steady, predictable revenue from the sale of their services or products.

For instance, a company that sells a software product might have a recurring revenue model where a customer can pay a flat price (or a monthly fee) for a certain period of time or a certain amount of product.

What are the popular recurring revenue models?

Recurring revenue is one of the most important metrics for your business’s financial growth. Some of the most popular recurring revenue models are:

  • Subscription-based models (e.g. Office 365)

  • Membership models

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) (e.g. Salesforce, Freshbooks)

  • Affiliate/referral programs (e.g. Amazon)

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Keeping it simple

As a web design agency, you do not have to overhaul your business model just for this. The Admin Bar, a WordPress Community, recommends adding services like:

  • Ongoing monthly website support
  • Additional design services
  • Email marketing
  • Monthly content creation
  • Social media management
  • SEO services

I am biased as to which among those 6 ways can be a sure-fire hit with your clients.

Can you guess? Additional design services of course!

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. If your client has a story to tell, a product to sell, or an idea to communicate, they need good visual content.

Besides, if your client also does email marketing, blogging, and social media management, they’ll need good design too. If you offer design solutions for those, your web design agency can be a one-stop shop for all digital marketing needs.

How can an add-on design service help your client’s online marketing?

I’m going to run through how a monthly design service can help your clients achieve their goals – and bring in additional income to your company in the process.

Once you have wow-ed your clients with the web design you’ve made for them, one foot is already in the door. Now with a professional website designed, it’s easier to show them that this isn’t enough: they still need to lead potential clients to it.

Your client’s customers need a strategic, professionally-made, and on-brand map. Encourage them to activate their marketing channels consistently and effectively.

Whenever and wherever they choose to market their services, your clients need to ensure that their visual content is professionally done. Otherwise, the hard work, deep thought, and money they invested into their website will be put to waste.

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What design services should you offer your clients?

I’ve listed below a few possible offers to help ease your clients into availing add-on design services. Those will also make their marketing and advertising efforts easier and more put-together:

In-Website Design (Eg. dynamic images, product uploads)

This is especially useful for web design projects that need constant image update like e-commerce websites. Since you’ve already delivered the web design, uploading additional assets should be a breeze.

With fresh and responsive design, the user experience will be improved, encouraging more website traffic.

Blog and E-mail Images

The blog section is one of the most dynamic sections of a website in need of good visuals. Custom web graphics are great not only for search engine optimization (SEO) but also for the reader’s user experience. 

Website Redesign

You can provide an option to have their website revamped for holidays such as Christmas or company anniversaries. Quick changes can do wonders! You could always offer a complete overhaul of their custom site too.

Digital Marketing

If you have a package for social media design on top of your web design service, your clients need not hire a marketing specialist to create graphics for their Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. Here is one more way for them to save money!

Offline Collaterals

Your client may have offline campaigns like pop-up stores, mall displays, starter kits, and vehicle decals. You can propose a package for offline collaterals. With your offer, your client can rest assured that all designs are on-brand and consistent.

How to upsell recurring design services to your clients

A lot of business owners just want you for web design services. Many are rigid in their website goals and upselling a design service can be a bit iffy. Get used to rejection, but only because your client might not have felt the need yet.

As the expert, you have the responsibility to make them see it before they miss the opportunity.

Most of the time, clients have no idea that you’re offering such service because they only know you as the “website guy/company”, not the “design guy” or “art guy”.

It’s time to break that misconception because you can offer more value.

The 4-step design creation process:

Requesting design tasks – even website ones – starts with the guidelines. Once you have them set, recurring design requests will be easier to manage.

Instead of building a team from scratch just for that, I recommend getting additional designers with Deer Designer to accommodate design tasks for your clients. 

They get the same professional designs with as many revisions as they need while you sit back and watch the magic happen.

4 step design creation process
4 step design creation process
4 step design creation process
4 step design creation process

1. Brand Guidelines

When you create the design for the website, you most likely have a brand guideline. If not, you can always have one made based on the client’s new web design. This set of guidelines will be of help for future design work, online or offline.

2. Design Request / Design Brief

Once the brand guidelines have been set, you’re ready to request a design task. This can be as simple as a holiday logo or a full Facebook campaign for a month. It’ll be up to whatever add-on design package you’re offering your clients.

3. Client Review and Revisions

Not everything goes as planned in the beginning, so budget for a good amount of revisions in the first designs. This is the learning stage and, as your clients request more design work, the turnaround time will be faster soon enough.

4. Schedule Publishing

Since you (or your web design team) built the website from scratch, scheduling the content to be posted will be a piece of cake.

If social media images are included in the add-on package your client availed, it will be wise to just save all their designs in a folder so they can upload them on their own.

Recurring relationship > recurring revenue

A lot of companies start out with a great idea and a lot of passion. But after seeing their new website design, getting more sales, and needing to manage more and more customers, they quickly realize that they need help.

The value you offer should not be limited to web design only. Not only because recurring revenue will open more opportunities and bring in more sales, but it will also forge new client relationships.