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Which social media platform is the best for your business

social media campaign cartoon

Social media is a double-edged sword. While every marketer goes gaga for every #trending #challenge, not all agency owners are thrilled.

Quiet, introverted founders suddenly find themselves recording a video, or trying to dance on TikTok because a social media guru advised them to do so in order to get more clients.

After taking 15 video selfies talking about their new product, they still can’t bear to see themselves online, trying to go viral. They know something is amiss. Could following a trend be the only solution to be seen in social media?

Founders know their company’s target market well because they designed their products and services. They have a hunch about which content will attract or annoy clients.

If their gut feeling says their best Charli D’Amelio impersonation will not get clients, they are usually right.

Make a social media compromise

Unfortunately, now is not the time to abandon social media campaigns. It still remains to be an essential marketing strategy for any company that wants to stay competitive and visible.

I still recommend making content for social media targeted to the right market. But with so many social media channels to choose from, should you just focus on one or post in all of them? Let’s find out.

How to know which channel is the best for your business

Put yourself in your client’s shoes

If you have identified your ideal client, you can probably guess which social media they’re more likely to consume content. You might even guess how long they spent on it and the things they usually search for.

This step ensures that your money and marketing efforts don’t go to waste as each lead is cost-effectively generated.

Set your goal

Social media is only a means to an end and usually, they are found at the top of the funnel. That’s why you need a social media channel with tons of traffic with a huge percentage that matches your ideal client.

I’m guessing your main objective is to increase sales by gaining clients. But that is easier said than done and it’s usually different for each industry.

For B2B clients, for example, there is a lot of relationship-building to be done that needs a reliable funnel.

Your goal shouldn’t be to simply post every day but to guide your audience through an engaging customer journey.

Choose the content you can constantly produce

If you’re a writer, then it’s good to have a stack of articles you can optimize and upload to your website. If you’re a talker, record podcasts or videos.

Plan materials and topics that are easy for you to produce because social media channels require consistent content creation.

Regardless of content, you need to produce thumb-stopping images for social media. If you’re not a graphic designer, you can subscribe to an on-demand design service so you have a steady stream of eye-catching visuals for your followers.

Once you have established your goals, target market, and content, you can now review the various social media platforms to see which best suits your company.

Infographic: Social Media comparison for Web Agencies

2022 social media platforms you can choose from:


Facebook is excellent for generating leads because it allows for incredibly tailored targeting of specific populations.

It can encourage more engagement, showcase the personal side of your company, and convert leads into dedicated followers and consumers.


Unlike other platforms, Twitter restricts each post to 280 characters, so the content must be straightforward. Twitter is perfect for expressing ideas, advertising events, and piggybacking on trending hashtags.


As a visually creative platform, company owners need appealing graphics to keep users interested. Successful businesses using this platform have benefitted from increased purchases with Pinterest Shopping.


This platform works effectively for companies that can produce lively content. Tutorials are the most sought-after content on this platform.

This platform is for you if you are a thought leader in your industry or niche and can simplify your processes for others to appreciate.


The baby of the bunch. This platform is well-known for its short clip content and a super high engagement rate, especially for those posting consistently.

TikTok’s user community primarily consists of teenagers – excellent for reaching out to the 18-24 age category and increasing brand exposure.


This visual-first platform enables brands to connect and engage with their followers through stories, reels, and photos.

As a mobile-only platform for many years, Instagram gives a better mobile experience than most social media platforms.


LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking channel. This social network is also a hub of C-level professionals, founders, and startup companies that’s why it’s the platform of choice for B2B marketers.

Choose wisely

It’s known that Ferrari or Lamborghini don’t advertise on free TV. That’s because those who buy luxury cars don’t sit around in front of the television all day.

Loosely translated, social media is the new TV and you don’t need to dance to the latest trend just for people to notice you. If people do notice, it might be for the wrong reasons.

There are social media management apps that enable you to publish in 4 platforms at once but usually, the content is not optimized exclusively for the platforms so you need to manually revise.

Focus on engaging your ideal client, one at a time, in the platform they’re most likely in. Choose 1 or 2 channels according to your company’s strength and do your best in it.